Latest auto design trends: High-Tech & Fashionable Car


Latest auto design trends: High-Tech & Fashionable Car


How to Upgrade Your Car for a High-Tech & Fashionable Auto

94 million connected cars are expected to be shipped in 2021, and 82% of all cars shipped in that year will be connected to the internet and other types of technology. While smart technology is certainly changing the way people live in and interact with their surroundings, it can be particularly useful in terms of style and safety when used in part of auto construction. Whether you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for your partner or friend or simply want to amp up the amount of high-tech style your auto offers up, these gadgets, technologies and design themes will leave you feeling cooler than cool next time you hit the streets in your car.

Go for the Smart Technology

Most new cars nowadays come with some sort of smart technology such as in-car GPS and even backup cameras. This type of innovative technology has the ability to introduce elements into the driving process such as calculate routes bask on risk analysis, provide more efficient GPS systems, and even the ability to use facial recognition to monitor and reduce your stress on the road. By ensuring your car is smart and so are your driving skills, you can not only rest assured that you’ll benefit from maximum safety on the road but that you will look great doing so. It’s a win-win for everybody.

The Coolest Gadgets on the Market

Practicality meets functionality with these cool tech gadgets that you will both need and want. The portable self-powered Bestek Jump Starter, for example, is ideal for jumping a car when you are alone and even features two USB ports for your mobile devices to charge. The charging will come in handy when the Fobo Tire Plus system, which uses a series of Bluetooth gauges to monitor your tire pressure, sends an alert directly to your smartphone. Combine these with a rear backup camera like the RearVision from Pearl, which features a camera integrated into a frame you mount over your rear license plate, and you will be all set for safety and style.

The Latest in Auto Design Trends

For an idea of what is to come in terms of auto design, just take a look at Toyota’s innovative  Concept-i. Sleek, hot and dare we say sexy, these types of car designs can be expected to hit the road in the coming years, adding a  touch of much-needed high-fashion design to the industry. The auto industry seems to be going for a small, sleek side profile look while focusing on offering the same amount of cabin space.

Focusing on Safety & Comfort

Think of your car just as you would a staple piece of clothing item in your wardrobe. It is important to invest in high-quality pieces that will serve you in a variety of situations and settings, and to always focus on whether or not you feel good in the outfit or not. If you feel good in your car, and are optimizing your safety, then go ahead and invest in the high-design and smart technology features.