A day with model Paris Naro


A day with model Paris Naro

  1. Which was the first picture that someone took of you? Your impression about the first picture, first photo shoot.

My first test shoot was when I was 17, at a house in the Hollywood Hills in LA. There was full hair, makeup, and styling, and I just remember being in awe of the whole process. It was so much fun and after that, I was hooked!

  1. What have you learned from working as a model?

I’ve learned that I’m a lot stronger than I ever thought I was, and that I can handle a lot of adversity. Nothing makes me more confident than traveling to a place I’ve never been by myself, and really figuring things out on my own! Modeling has really allowed me to do that. I’ve also learned comparing yourself to others is a losing battle…. just be yourself!

  1. What is the thing you like the most and the least about modeling?

I love the traveling aspect of modeling! Getting to experience some of the most beautiful places in the world and explore different cultures is life-changing. I also love the actual work; being on set, the shows… it’s all so fun to me! My least favorite part is definitely how much waiting and uncertainty is involved. People don’t realize how much models just sit around and wait! And I’m not very patient.

  1. Where have you traveled with modeling? What has been your favorite city to visit?

I’ve been to Los Angeles, Milan, Spain, Dubai, and London. I love aspects of every city but there’s something so magical about Milan. There’s so much history and the streets are so romantic. And the food is to die for!

  1. The weirdest or funniest thing that happened on a set?

The weirdest thing that happened on set was actually at a casting. I was in a bra and underwear and I had to pretend that I was a dancing ballerina…. underwater. So I’m in a room full of people pretending to be an underwater dancer, swimming and twirling around… with no music! Weird to say the least!

  1. Modeling is also about waiting – waiting for you make up, hair done…. how do you spend your “waiting time”?

Waiting is such a big part of modeling! I usually listen to music or read a book. I’m still in school so I’ll do some studying also. I think it’s so important to stimulate your mind with other things besides the industry to stay mentally healthy. It’s always good to have other things going on.

  1. What is your relationship with fashion? Do you have your own style, do you like to play with clothes and colors?

I loveee fashion and the more I’m involved with the industry, the more my style changes! There’s edgy, sporty, rock and roll elements to my style, but there’s also really feminine light sides to it as well. I love mixing and matching hard and soft pieces like leather jackets and silk slips, and a really girly dress with sneakers. Fashion is fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

  1. Your relationship with social media, photos, “Instagram”..? You cannot live without it or sometimes you prefer to be “offline”?

I look at Instagram as something fun that I do only when I feel like it! If I have content to post, I post it, if not, I don’t put pressure on myself to be online. Social media is one of those things that can suck people in very easily and be really mentally unhealthy. I try and keep things light hearted and not take it so seriously. Balance is key!

  1. What are you excited about doing next? What is your next dream job

I really have my sights set on going to New York soon. That’s a big goal of mine! I would love to walk in an Alexander Wang or Balmain show! I really respect the artistry of both of those brands! My dream magazine shoot is Sports Illustrated!


Instagram of the model : https://www.instagram.com/loveinparisss/?hl=it

Agency of models : BraveModels http://www.bravemodels.com/