The 5 Best Travel Destinations for Sports Fans


The 5 Best Travel Destinations for Sports Fans


Only true sports fans are willing to travel across the world in search of the biggest and best sporting events. Of course, you will want to experience much more than an exciting football, soccer, or baseball game to make the most of a vacation. Thankfully, you can combine a big sporting event with fantastic attractions for an unforgettable trip. Embrace your passion by learning about the five best travel destinations for sports fans.

1. New York, USA
Top of your sports bucket list must be New York, which is home to a variety of fantastic attractions that will provide you with a trip to remember. For example, you could catch a game at Madison Square Garden or Yankee Stadium. Diehard baseball fans should also visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, which allows you to learn more about some of the best players in the sport, and it is dedicated to preserving baseball’s rich history. It’s an educational experience you won’t forget, especially if you love to read facts about Mickey Mantle and other all-time greats.

2. London, England
For fans of soccer, tennis, or rugby, grab the next flight to London. It’s home to Wembley, which is one of the finest soccer stadiums in the world, and hosts every final and semi-final of the FA Cup. Of course, one of the biggest events on the English capital’s sporting calendar is Wimbledon, which is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. If that wasn’t enough, it offers a variety of fantastic museums, such as The World Rugby Museum in Twickenham and the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

3. Boston, USA
It doesn’t matter if you love basketball, baseball, football or hockey, you’ll want to make your way to Boston immediately. Not only will every local have an opinion when it comes to a player, team, or game, but it’s also home to historical sporting attractions.
Number one on your list should be the iconic Fenway Park, which offers an extensive history and a fantastic atmosphere. You’ll definitely want to try the famous sausage and pepper sandwich outside the stadium, too! In addition to Boston being the home of the Red Sox, you can also cheer on the New England Patriots or the Boston Celtics.

4. Berlin, Germany
Berlin might not be the first city you think of for sports, but it is a must-visit for sports fans. Not only is the German capital home to the soccer team FC Union Berlin, but the Germans are big basketball and hockey fans. If you want to venture outside of America for a basketball game, Alba Berlin is certainly one team to watch, as they have won the Korac Cup and 8 German Championships.

5. Toronto, Canada
Look no further than Toronto to embrace your love of ice hockey, as The Maple Leafs are without a doubt the pride and joy of the city. After all, they have won an impressive 13 Stanley Cups. You can even grab tickets to a game at Scotiabank Arena, or you could explore the history of the sport at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Toronto also has a fantastic basketball franchise, too, as the Raptors have made the NBA playoffs six times since 1995.