5 Essential Items For Your Summer Style Checklist


5 Essential Items For Your Summer Style Checklist


Ooze cool and sophistication this summer, and assemble your most on-trend items from your wardrobe and wear them with confidence. Summer style needn’t be loud and showy you don’t have to flash your cash and dress head to toe in designer wear to be considered a up-to-the-minute fashionista. Instead, you can mix comfort with high fashion and enjoy the best of both worlds. Prepare for summer by hitting the shops earlier and purchasing the items that appeal to you before other people do. This way, you’ll have them before everyone else – you’re basically setting a trend for others to follow, right?

Gadgets And Devices
As the rise of technology continues to soar, you’ll undoubtedly find something you want, and then, well, convince yourself you need, and who’s to say that don’t need it? Some current stylish gadgets include vaping pens and modifications – which you can find at RedJuice, Bluetooth sound bars (ideal for summer parties), the Echo Dot, Bose QuietComfort headphones, and spy camera watches.

Accessories can complete your look, and add the finishing touches you need to round off the stylish presentation. Find yourself a pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape, and complement your features. If you’re unsure of how best to do this, then take a friend or your partner with you and ask for their opinion. You can also consult an online guide designed to help you make the best and most flattering choice. Consider getting a pair of Ray-Ban’s, or some from BOSS, or Oakley, for example.

Follow your passion a little further over the summer and try to improve your skills in photography, for example, or how to control a remote control car or boat, or why not give a new sport a go? You could sign up to begin playing badminton, or squash, or tennis.
Since it’ll be warm outside, you can entertain the idea of getting back into playing guitar or the ukulele. When you feel as though you’re improving and getting better at a skill, you feel more confident as a person and in your abilities. This will, in turn, exude from you and you should feel more sociable and willing to hang out with friends at late evening summer BBQ’s, for example.

Staying Cool
Try not to get caught out when the inevitable happens – the hot summer sun emerges one morning, and you then realize you’re unprepared, you only have winter clothes in the closet, and the thought of wearing jeans in high temperatures makes your heart skip a beat. So, to avoid this, begin assembling your summer closet ahead of time to find some stylish pieces that you feel happy and self-confident wearing.

The Ultimate T-shirt and Shorts
This combo goes together like rhubarb and custard, and you’ll stay calm and collected in light-colored cotton. You will need to purchase yourself a plain white cotton, or even silk,
t-shirt. It’ll keep you feeling cool, and it shouldn’t stick to your body as much as other materials do in the heat, so go ahead and get two or three of them. Also, find yourself a few pairs of lightweight shorts by scrolling through suggestions from fashion magazines both online and in print.