7 collections to fall in love with De Grisogono


7 collections to fall in love with De Grisogono


7 collection to fall in love with De Grisogono


A collection embodying a wealth of ‘firsts’ as well as a name with joy embedded in its very genes. Launched in 2003, Allegra’s distinctive design has earned its place among the greatest jewellery collections, the first and the most legendary from the Maison de GRISOGONO.

It bears the name of Fawaz Gruosi’s first-born daughter. In 14 years, it has become a true brand icon. Its joyful, delicately interwoven spiral evokes the indestructible connection between two beings. Designed to create the impression of randomly assembled rings, the collection is expressed through rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sautoir necklaces. Playing with jewellery codes, Allegra shows true Classic transformable at will, new earrings with dual nature that can also be worn as ear stud and pendant or reinvents great jewellery Classic through ring, earrings and bracelet teaming a Toi & Moi expression with de GRISOGONO most legendary intertwined symbol – Allegra.



Jewellery that is all about feelings, a quintessential symbol of connection, it expresses unconditional attachment. TOI&MOI, endowed with a strong personality proclaiming the power of the links between every woman and her loves, her friendships and her desires. Jewellery weaving ties that bind for a moment or forever.

TOI&MOI, designed for unwinding, exuding the same carefree attitude as the free-spirited woman it embraces. Naturally, in each and every circumstance, solo or stacked, it radiates its easy-wear and easy-going, eminently contemporary and truly universal style.


The intriguing sculpted material reveals fascinating glimpses of the ethereally light, mesmerising beryls and quartz. From a cut stone to a set stone, minerals entwine and embrace. Fawaz Gruosi reinvents the double tour as DOPPIA literally wraps itself around the finger, wrist or ears. At once rigid and supple, the ring and bracelet are like bangles on springs that coil around the body. The succession of three types of gemsetting – using the prong, snow and bezel techniques – testify to this determination to allow gems to find full expression.

The prong setting is all the more hypnotic and surprising in that it reigns supreme on these creations, ensuring they merge seamlessly and elegantly with the wearer like a second skin.


Layering slim strips of gold hemmed with generous diamonds – at once united and yet independent from each other – represents an authentic jewellery feat. Each motif is mobile and the movement of one sweeps the others into the dance.

A gentle geometrical effect playing on symmetry and asymmetry. MILLEFOGLIE, a creation imbued with a sophisticated wave pattern, is a reminder that Fawaz Gruosi loves movement. A new Fine Jewellery Creation embodying supreme suppleness that ripples across the skin. Three spectacular jewellery designs conveying a highly distinctive character. Undulating shapes mesh and overlap in flowing, dynamic ways, giving life to supple and flowing earrings, a ring and a double tour bracelet.



Embodying a subtle combination of de GRISOGONO distinctive signatures, MELODY OF COLOURS creations favour exceptional and rare stones, whose cut and colour are enhanced by state-of-the-art setting techniques.

de GRISOGONO excels in the art of elevating its artistic creations to the status of unique expressions of haute couture. Setting the scene for large, stunning cut and sizes, these unique compositions place the stones firmly centre stage.

A high jewellery collection that showcases Fawaz Gruosi’s talent to play on cuts, shapes, light, texture and movement; reinventing the classics with surprising ease into powerful forms, pure compositions, unexpected combinations, voluptuous volumes and perfect proportions.


When Fawaz Gruosi stamps his vision on time, he transforms it into gemset splendour,resulting in jewellery sculptures that tell the time. Watches imbued with the same complexity, the same high standards and the same jewellery expertise that define all his creations.

Like the de GRISOGONO jewellery creations, it radiates a noble bearing, backed by inimitable self-confidence and distinguished complex architecture imbued with unity and rhythm. Matter is tinged with poetry, of which the secret lies in a gemset gold wire structure that brings the silhouette of the watch to life. Evoking a stream of precious stones, CASCATA features dainty prongs paved with 126 brilliant-cut diamonds proudly bearing the 72 oval-cut stones composing the exquisitely hemmed watch bezel. The prongs dominate and punctuate a torrent of gems totalling more than 30 carats, forming a subtly graduated flow that in turn traces the oval shape of the watch and reveals a dial snow-set with 148 stones.

Patience and infinite care have been lavished on sculpting each and every detail of the gems adorning CASCATA. To ensure the densest possible setting and create the impression that the gems merge into a seamless whole, the artisans of the Maison de GRISOGONO have spent almost 100 hours recutting the oval-shaped stones.

The watch reveals its jewellery nature from all angles and is distinguished by its prong setting, a dial adorned with the gentle charm of snow setting and the case-back sculpted with volutes outlined in diamonds. A sophisticated and diverse setting that required 50 hours for the oval-cut stones and 20 hours for the prongs and the snow setting on the case-back and the volutes.

Artfully combining the jeweller’s favourite stones, its charm is conveyed through three colourful variations: white gold and white diamonds; white gold with emeralds on top and white diamonds below; and pink gold with amethysts and above and rubies beneath. The clasp itself displays a new aesthetic specially designed to match the spirit of the CASCATA watch. Shining in its centre sits an over one-carat rose-cut stone delicately framed by a pavé setting.

A magnificent and entrancing vision to be worn in a choice of versions graced with glittering diamonds, intense emeralds or royal amethysts.


Noted for its chic and elegance NEW RETRO first lady knows how to set style lessons “Squaring the circle”, de GRISOGONO explores the timeless influence of the 50’s timeless chic. An elegant, minimalist and non-traditional large rectangular timepiece playing a role in shaping de GRISOGONO style. With a timeless or colourful look, the New Retro first lady is all about tailored details. Looking chic in a nude attire made of rose gold, creamy galuchat and white diamonds, it appears dressed in vibrant bright colors which work in its favor. Its crown positioned at 12 o’clock, its highly legible dial adorned with a pavé set round counter and its matching tone on tone artwork give the timepiece its perfect finishes. A simple and timeless design setting a bold yet understated style. The New Retro first lady, a name to become a code word for timeless elegance.

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