The new opening of Tamara Comolli in Forte dei Marmi


The new opening of Tamara Comolli in Forte dei Marmi


TAMARA COMOLLI announces the opening of the first Boutique in Italy, scheduled for June 2018. A new single-brand store will be built in Forte dei Marmi, a well-known elite holiday resort and reference point for international luxury shopping.
The elegant Piazzetta Tonini will be the new address of the German jewelry brand, an exclusive location in the heart of the jewel town of Versilia, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The proximity to water, a natural element dear to the eclectic German designer, and the iconic concept in the solar shades of white and blue, the distinctive aesthetic figure of the brand, will create the setting for the display of the “Casual Luxury” jewelery signed TAMARA COMOLLI.
“I’m really excited to announce the opening of a new boutique in Forte dei Marmi”, comments Tamara Comolli, designer and founder of the brand. “Italy is part of my personal history and plays a fundamental role in the production of jewelery that bears my name. The passion for beauty in all its forms, the vital energy that you breathe here, the creativity and the proximity to the sea are elements that push me today to fix in this place full of charm an important step in the path of growth of my brand name. Forte dei Marmi is a renowned destination for elite tourism, the scent of the sea and the elegance that vibrate in every corner will create the ideal atmosphere to communicate our concept of jewelry, easy chic and precious, relaxed and refined.
An exclusive and bright space of 60 square meters will welcome the collections signed TAMARA COMOLLI, jewels with a playful and colorful mood that are born from the infinite combinations of gems, undisputed protagonists of the brand’s philosophy.
The Forte dei Marmi boutique, a luxury destination on the Versilia coast, will invite you to experience and experience the adventure of “Casual Luxury” jewelery by TAMARA COMOLLI through numerous collections dedicated to energy and the color of precious stones.


With a passion for gemstones, TAMARA COMOLLI brings color to the world of fine jewelry. MIKADO collection is the most vibrant of all. More than thirty different, cabochon-cut gemstones shine in myriad colors and with the unmistakable shape we lovingly refer to as the “Acorn.” They are playful, they are versatile and they tempt to collect!

Available in three sizes, these acorn shaped charms add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Choose from an endless palette of gemstones and Diamonds. The medium und large size MIKADO pendants are also available with a so-called “fariy” cap. A gold setting with gently curved drop holes. You can choose between the plain or a fairy cap when you are looking for your favorite MIKADO pendant.


TAMARA COMOLLI, draws on its own inexhaustible inspiration and creates the SNOWFLAKES collection. Once again, the origin is a form present in nature, the leaf, which multiplied to infinity gives life to delicate compositions and ethereal jewels … like snowflakes.
The leaf alludes to the story of Adam and Eve, when it all began … and the collection owes its origins to a first creation, a very long chain with two leaf pendants of exceptional dimensions, which earned the designer the prize ” International De Beers Diamond Award “in 2004. Today the line includes a variety of models and variations on the theme, as well as becoming a true personal talisman for Tamara Comolli.
The jewels of the collection are made up of gold elements in the shape of a leaf, with a stone set, repeated and juxtaposed to each other in the name of creativity.
The leaf-shaped pendants come to life starting from a rib made of “branches” of gold – white, yellow, pink or blackened gold – on which are placed the individual elements, also of gold, which show off in the center a diamond. The SNOWFLAKES collection reserves a surprise by presenting a pendant with a double embedding, on one side is lit by diamonds, on the other, lit by the color of sapphires, to offer a double opportunity to experience the jewel.
In full TAMARA COMOLLI style, the line includes different variations of the bangle bracelet, a graceful and lively creation in the lines. Tamara Comolli has chosen to animate the precious metal with different combinations of colors of stones, white and brown diamonds, pink, blue and purple sapphires, or in the more casual version with spinels, tsavorites, amethysts.
The bracelets and sautoir collection of the SNOWFLAKES Rivière line complete the collection. The individual elements are arranged in a row, one after the other, to wrap the wrist and neck with easy-chic jewels that alternate one side of gold on one side embellished with a diamond set. The games of light multiply!


Pantone’s “Pink Lavender”, “Nile Green” and “Blooming Dahlia” were all over last year’s runways preparing for a spring of sweet pastels. This especially delicious combination is captured in the pieces of our PALM BEACH Color Story, named after the world-famous shores of Florida. Chalcedony in delicate aqua, blue and pink as well as Prehnite shine fresh and bright as nature comes back to life. Enjoy a light and soothing look this season – a Spring Awakening for the senses!


Tamara Comolli intuitively knew that every great brand story has a strong brand symbol. Growing up on the sea, her love of the ocean inspired the “drop” within the logo. It represents a fascination with water that still remains today. Indeed, ever since the brand’s foundation the drop has been a leitmotif throughout the collections – constantly quoted in product design and often reinterpreted in surprising new ways. Today, it is firmly established as a characteristic design element that makes our pieces “classically TAMARA COMOLLI.”


Within the TAMARA COMOLLI range, the INDIA collection is certainly one of the coolest and most popular. Our INDIA bracelets in luxurious wood and rare materials like coral and turquoise, or our INDIA leaf pendants in so many colors, are the epitome of Bohemian chic and fully embody the brand promise, Casual Luxury. Designer Tamara Comolli found inspiration for the INDIA collection while traveling to exotic countries.

She feels that “nothing is more exciting than to dive into foreign cultures, meet the artisans behind wonderful creations and discover the vision and brilliance of their craft.”

Indeed, in 2012, the lasting impression made by the handcarved gemstones she discovered in Sri Lanka and Jaipur gave rise to the INDIA collection. It was the beginning of a wonderful adventure! Ever since, the magic of these cultures has been captured in TAMARA COMOLLI’s most symbolic and Bohemian pieces.