Interview with Muriel Piaser


Interview with Muriel Piaser


A special interview with Muriel Piaser, Global Fashion Developer of TheOneMilano, the tradeshow born in 2016 by the union of Mifur and MIPAP. Always in close contact with important designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Atsuro Tayama e Torrente Haute Couture. Always around the world between the various continents to discover the new talents of fashion. Let’s find out more here.

When did you start working in fashion and what fascinated you about this world?

For more than 15 years, I has provided emerging markets, designers, and established brands with ideas that not only create new opportunities but also maximizes their potential. As a graduate of EFAP(1994), I made my mark in the public relations world by working for some of fashion’s biggest designers: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Atsuro Tayama, and still Torrente Haute Couture. Maintaining my craft through poise and passion, my philosophy is curbed via matching opportunities to the untapped landscapes that wait abroad. In 1998, I joined the trade show Who’s Next as Sales Manager where I created a “fresh” universe dedicated to young designers. Shortly after, I became the Director of Exhibitions for the notable Prêt-à-Porter Paris tradeshow in Paris, Tokyo and New York until 2011. Launched in 2012, Muriel Piaser Consulting is my latest platform for offering my services to international fashion brands and Councils of fashion, I also maintains a key position in the success of countless International and Parisian fashion fairs.

What are the most important details in your work, what can never be left to chance?

My way of working is included naturally in my personality. Work with passion and diligence bring me satisfaction and motivation every day. I dedicate my career to support designers, to give them some keys to succeed that’s my main goal.





Your job often takes you to travel around the world, which of the countries and cities you’ve visited hit you the most?

Effectively , I feel very fortunate to travel since 20 years exploring fashion capitals for my job, discovering greats talents, share my expertise with so nice people. I m fascinate by so many cities it’s difficult for me to give you my preferences. If I have to choose some of them, I ll tell you New York so inspiring me always, Tokyo and Dubai for their finest mix of tradition and modernity without forgetting cities like Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, Singapore…and so many bring me so energy to continue to explore them again and again.

Fashion business is now closely connected with digital and social media. What do you think of the social era in the fashion world?

The economic situation and mutation of the market of the last years  obliged the fashion industry and labels to re invented their marketing and sales strategies. New opportunities were given to them and one of the main is the social network growth opening the possibilities to catch the final consumers curating their marketing and offering so big chances to defend their position in a saturated market.

Your role is also to be a talent scout of new designers; Somehow you have to be able to see forward before others. What do you first look for in a new designer? 

Today in term of business development and as Global Fashion Developer, my main challenge is to discover and support young talents that could have enough potential to be recognized as global talents in the saturated market of our fashion industry. From my side, my main focus are the concept, the quality of the products, the price range and the intelligent marketing they could offer to make the difference. I help them in bringing some keys of their success like organizing their business models, contact the buyers targeted, introducing them to the main fashion players with professionalism with a part of emotion.

The collaboration with the One Milan will be a new important step for your career, what do you expect from this collaboration? 

The edition number 3 of TheOneMilano, the young Haut-à-Porter Salon born from the union of Mifur and MIPAP to be held in the spaces of fieramilanocity from 23 to 26 February 2018, decided to renew its team with the entry of Muriel Piaser in the role of Global Fashion Developer. With this operation, the management of the Milanese exhibition intends to propose an appointment that returns to the roots of prêt-à-porter talking about the great Italian and international creative manufacturing.
The Salone TheOneMilano, which in the first two editions has recorded a total of about 15000 entries, will take place in the days of Milan fashion Week, in which will be presented the fashion collections and accessories women’s autumn/winter 2018-2019.


To become a stylist is a dream to be realized for many fashion students; Today more and more we try to give space to emerging talents through contests and scholarships. What would you recommend to a young emerging designer? 

By my point of view the most important things for the future designers is to have this mix of passion and hard work that will permit them to realize their dreams and to give them the keys to explore some issues. It’s not only a question of competition, it’s more a question of being strong in their concept after that doors will be open for them to access of the top of the success stories. My advise will be to create new opportunities as soon as you ll have the chance to do it !

The 2017 has just ended and a new season is about to begin. For Muriel Piaser what is this year’s result? What are you waiting for 2018 ?

Meet great people as I m lucky to meet since 20 years, share my experience in the fashion industry, bring satisfaction, good results are my mains goals in my business activites. I have to say a big thank you to my clients and I wish the same for 2018 for all of us.