Interview: Anastasia Eltsova


Interview: Anastasia Eltsova


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Spotlight on Anastasia Eltsova, new face of The Lab Models.

Do you remember your first photo shoot? What was the feeling? 

My first photo I did in Kaliningrad. My schoolmate was a photographer, and once she said to me “you born to be a model, let me make a shooting with you”. I didn’t took it seriously. When I saw the pictures I was surprised. They were really nice.

 What have you learned from modeling? 

I learned a lot from my model life. I became more mature then I’ve never been before. I started when I was 16. In that age you are a kid in a big city. In town that you don’t know. New mentality, different people, a lot of castings and work. It makes that you grow faster.

What do you like the most about modeling industry?

Traveling, it’s the most interesting part of my job.

Where have you traveled with modeling? What has been your favorite city to visit?

I’ve been in many places. Greece, Germany, Italy, France etc. I don’t have a favorite city. But honestly what I can tell is that I’m totally in love with Italy.

What have been the weirdest thing ever happened to you on the set?

Well, once I had a shooting in China and they asked me to sing a hymn of Russia. That was really weird!

Modeling is also about waiting… Waiting for your makeup, hair and etc. How do you spend this time?

During my “waiting time” I like read books. If the working team is nice I also try to know them better.

What is your relationship with fashion? Do you like to play with colors and different combinations? 

I love fashion. I follow all the trends and to be honest I use a huge amount of money on that. Shopping makes me happy.

What about the social media? Could you stay offline or it is necessary to be in the middle of everything?

Nowadays people are addicted to social media. Instagram, Facebook etc. All of us want to show off trying to make people jealous. Anyway as I work as model I have to use Instagram mostly for my portfolio.

What are you looking for in your next job? Do you have a dream job?

I graduated at University. My faculty was international business so I would like to combine economy and fashion in my future job. Maybe accountant for a fashion magazine. Who knows…