Interview: fashion photographer Tanya Chornenkaya


Interview: fashion photographer Tanya Chornenkaya


Interview: fashion photographer Tanya Chornenkaya

Tanya Chornenkaya


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When and how did you decide that you wanted to be a photographer?

This happened 8 years ago, but there wasn’t such a desire to become a photographer, that time it just became my new interest, which grew into a real passion. I was fascinated by the photos I found on the Internet and in the pages of magazines, I saved them and could review them for hours, and later I tried to repeat the picture I liked.

Was it your dream job?

As I said, initially I didn’t take my hobby seriously, I didn’t think about photography as a real profession, but the more time passed, the stronger this fascination took over me and now I can confidently say that yes, so persistently you can move only to your dream and my path has just begun.

Which is the first thing you photographed ?

I can not remember my first shots, but I shot absolutely everything and tried myself in different styles. Of course, the first models were friends, friends of friends and so on, and then started working with real models and modeling agencies, who in principle determined my style and direction of work.

Who’s the photographer you admire and why?

Certainly every workmanship has its own classics and great representatives, and in photography for me it’s Helmut Newton, Peter Lingberg, Gerb Ritz, Bruce Weber, Steven Meisel. In fact, it is difficult to single out only one or only a few masters, since there are many talented people and each has its own individual style. I like to review the works of different photographers, both classics and modern ones, as there is an opportunity to draw inspiration from different styles, to discover some new tricks. I like to experiment with the shot. And by the way, in addition to photographers, I often review the work of stylists. They inspire me insanely.

When you take a photo, how can you describe that moment. Can you detach yourself from reality?

In these moments I really disconnected from reality. I already have a ready shot in my head, and until I repeat it on the camera, nothing will stop me. I am charged with energy when I take pictures.

Because of your job you travel a lot and visit many countries; How do you imagine your ideal location for shooting?

Unfortunately, I do not travel often but I know my native city very well, and I just love to show it as if it were shot in another country. I like to discover something new and unexplored in what everyone is used to seeing something monotonous. As for the ideal location, it seems to me that it doesn’t exist,  but there is an ideal team. With ideally appropriate people, you can create the perfect frame, regardless of whether you’re shooting in a courtyard or in a posh apartment.

Who’s the first person you have photographed ?

As I wrote earlier, I do not even remember the first person I photographed. But I remember that when I revise my old works, I want to poke out my eyes and erase my memory, but I do not rise my hands on it. Sometimes it is interesting to see the transformation of works to track growth.

How did you feel on your first show ​/exhibition​?

I haven’t had my own exhibitions yet and I as a self-perfectionist always strive for excellence, raise requirements for myself, so I am sure that I would feel myself at a doubly at such an event.

What’s that feeling when someone appreciates and “reads” your photos?

I’m extremely pleased when people understand my shots when there are no questions, “Why so?”, “Why did she wear it?” and so on. I admire those whom I photograph, and I try to convey on photos what I saw in these people and what I liked about them. And of course, I’m glad when I manage to convey the character through the photo and deliver everything without my explanations.

If your photos would have a soundtrack, which songs would you choose?

I know for sure that it wouldn’t be a sweet lyrics. I think I have enough sharp style with gloomy notes. I really like the underground trend, so I think my photos “sounds” that way.

If you weren’t a photographer which profession would you choose and why?

With full confidence I can say that it would be an art. I love music and art in general, I can’t imagine myself without it. In fact, I can’t imagine myself without a photography.