Interview with the photographer Melanie Galea

Interview with the photographer Melanie Galea


Interview with the photographer Melanie Galea

Malta – Born Melanie Galea, emerged on the scene in February 2011 with From Digital Marketing Consultant in Luxury Hoteliers turned fashion photographer. Blogging on street style was never to be the final piece of her grand plan and the ultimate combination of heartfelt interests, in photography and fashion, eventually took over.

When and how you decided that you wanted to be a photographer?

One day I came across the blog “TheSartorialist” and following it daily I found inspiration and the courage to follow my dream to work in fashion business. I decided to start a similar blog in February 2011 to share my images of impeccably styled people and catching their essence in my own way. First I started my blog as a passion project, few months later my blog allowed me to make this my full time job.

It was your dream job?

It wasn’t my dream job, i never thought that one day I was going to be a photographer. Fashion has always fascinated me and I’ve always tried to understand the dream behind the images. Photography was just part of my life, I had no intention of become a photographer.

Which is the first thing you photographed ?

Off course I remember my first ever street-style images. It was in Milan in September 2010 during Fashion Week. I liked to go out and walk in the streets and take pictures of people whose style catch my eye.

Who’s the photographer you admire the most and why?

Is Peter Lindbergh, the true master of photography. Lindbergh’s approach is spontaneous, his imagery encapsulates the distinct expressions of his various subjects. Few photographers can capture the ease of their subjects like him.

When you take a photo, how do you live this moment. Can you detach yourself from reality?

I`m more interested in finding exciting elements in everyday, normal things. I always like to work on a concept, an idea. I don’t just go and shoot without knowing where I am going. It’s like hunting. You would have a hunter that shoots everything that moves, from little birds to cows. I’m not like that. I am very precise in what I want to do.
When I am shooting, I immerse myself in the moment with my model/subject and endeavor to bring all the emotion and creativity I am trying to captivate in front of the lens.

Your job takes you often travel and visit many countries; What fascinates you more than an unfamiliar place? It can be an ideal location to make the shots?

Photography has taught me to see ordinary day to day places in a different light. Even when I walk around familiar places, my camera reminds me to look at things in a different way, to see the beauty and the uniqueness in everything; The pattern on the street, the way the wind moves the leafs on the trees and the patterns of sunrise the on walls. And this change in perception of the world around me opened my eyes and fascinates me every day.

How did you feel on your first show? What a feeling you feel when someone appreciates and “reads” your photos?

It’s always a lovely feeling when I feel appreciated by my followers.

If your photos had a soundtrack, which songs you’d choose?

You don’t own me … Photography allowed me a complete freedom of expression. Be free and spontaneous.

If you weren’t a photographer which job you would like to do and why?

Maybe continue to be a Digital Marketing Consultant in Luxury Hoteliers

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