Interview with the designer Salome Gviniashvili

Interview with the designer Salome Gviniashvili


Interview with the designer Salome Gviniashvili

When and how you decided that you wanted to be a designer?

When I was a school girl, nearly in the 4-5 grade, my Dad first took me to the Academy of Arts. At that time, Dad was conducting lectures in this academy. Dad is a painter, my grandpa was a sculptor. So, I frequently used to go to the Academy with my dad. I liked the environment there and from that very moment, I knew that wanted to study there. When I got 14-15 years, realized that I wanted to be a designer. I was actually admired by fashion from the childhood. I liked to remake and redesign the clothes.

It was your dream job?

Always wonder on implementing my own Brand. This is very interesting profession form me. Constantly trying to find something new, and never stop in one place. All of this is very exciting.

What is the first thing you designed?

First time, I sew suit and trousers for myself. The same happens now, first I am trying to fit, I should like it at first. If I fit it well, then my customers also would be delighted. There are lots of interesting designers, I look through fashion weeks perceive lots of interesting conceptions and details in costumes of various designers. Taste changes within ages.

Who’s the designer you admire the most and why?

I remember the first impression of Chalayan, and it still follows me. There are new impressions on every different session. Today I am proud that One of the main names in the fashion domain comes from my country. Demna’s last collection for Balenciaga was gorgeous.

What inspires you the most?

I always have different muse while creating costume. Also, conception and inspiration always varies. I always work on improving myself, look through architecture, read interesting materials, travel and after all, impressed by seen and received knowledge, then comes muse, create sketches (design) and start working. But such things are always made for strong and impressive woman.

If you had to make an entire collection all in one color, what it would be?

If I had to design  an entire collection in one color, that would have been Black. Black is the color including all colors. Black color has lots of symbolic meaning. It emphasize on classic as well as on new one.

Who’s the first person to see your design?

Primarily, I show sketches to my staff.

How important for you is the fabric you use?

Every fabric is interesting itself, if you use it properly. I like synthesis of rough and soft, silk takes special importance, as well as lace and velvet. The main thing is to know what kind of costume you need to design – soft, strict, synthesis or whether you need lightness.

If your works had a soundtrack, which songs you’d choose?

Any techno music set. Moreover, techno house. I have just imagined this .

What is important for you as a designer?

Knowledge has special importance, You shall be in search of something new and work on improving yourself, should see, read, travel, get acquainted with culture of some countries, buildings, constructions… When you are full of emotion, it’s difficult to look  to an empty paper for a long time.

If you weren’t a designer which job you would like to do and why?

If I had not been fashion designer, I would have been fashion photographer.

by Gioia Gange