7 things to learn about Ilaria Nistri ss17

7 things to learn about Ilaria Nistri ss17


7 things to learn about Ilaria Nistri ss17


 A metric game made of different textures. Fluidity and structure interchange and blend themselves in a harmonic balances composed by loose, almost liquid lines in dresses, pajama style pants with a soft fit and elastic waist, wide leg pants with deep folds, as well as deconstructed dust coats paired with strict and rounded shapes in jackets and vests in leather or more structured textured fabrics. The non exasperated feminity touch is represented in the silk georgette inserts that play with semi-transparency, as well as the metallic zips that open unpredictably on garments exposing shapes and enhancing the silhouettes by alternating volumes.


The contraposition of different materials looking for an unusual harmony is the cornstone of this collection in which the relaxed elegance is the essential code. The silk georgette mixed with linen, viscose satin, waxed suede and cotton, cachemire with leather  create a new aesthetic dialog.


The black and white base, interpreted in various declinations of shiny and opaque with other neutral and dusty shades such as Tobacco and Dust Grey. This soft chromatic imagery is crosses by a flash of little details of shiny laminated silver. To break this balance, a vibrant and warm orangey red tone emerges called, Lava.


A graphic elaboration of exclusive images of a photographic  project inside marble quarries. Great White wounds, which open on the mountains side, leading to enormous rooms divided into galleries. The charm and the geometrical perfection of these rooms recall something sacred and it is for this reason that they are often called “marble cathedrals”. The walls are not decorated with frescoes or mosaics, instead we find natural decorative patters created by erosion and human intervention through labor which make these caves astonishing.


Like a flash, the stripe in contrasting color breaks the garments rigor, interrupting a print or highlight contours creating translucent lines that offer glimpses of the body.


Used as a decorative metallic element, but also to alternate the volume of garment by opening and revealing underlying  folds or slits that modify the silhouette.  In some cases zips allow to take off some of the garments components, such as collars or frills to shorten or lower the neck line.


Precious interpretations of sweatshirts, taking it to another level. Enriched by handmade detailing done by craftsmen who sew. One by one, thin strips of lamb leather on the garment which are then embroidered to fix the whole application. Or through the creation of a three-dimensional lining obtained by applying small strips in contrasting color and materials like satin and silk georgette altemated with waxed suede.