5 Things to Know about Jacquemus SS17

5 Things to Know about Jacquemus SS17


5 Things to Know about Jacquemus SS17

Jacquemus opens the first day of Paris Fashion Week here the 5 things to know from the show:

1-Core elements of the label’s formal language are still prominent this season: the essential shapes of the square and the circle, and the permanent desire to rethink masculine wardrobe staples, such as the jacket, the pants, and especially the shirt, by reworking them on a woman’s body, playing on dimensions and using various folding and pleating techniques, being this season also enhanced by embroidery details.

2-Sleeves come into various shapes, playing on round volumes and square angles, and collars are often V-shaped. The typical triangular fichu of the Arlésienne has been revisited to propose a series of V neck tops.

3-Trousers are numerous: from straight grand-father style trousers to extra-long fluid ones belted under the breast and elongating the silhouettes, to two-dimensional looking ‘flat’ trousers and large 3/4 ones.

4-Skirts are long and wide or adorned by an accumulation of fan pleats, bringing a bohemian note.

5-Square-toed flat shoes with a thin sling and pointy pumps feature the labels signature, the round and square geometrical heels.

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