Interview with model Luisa Pasinatto

Interview with model Luisa Pasinatto


Interview with model Luisa Pasinatto

By Gioia Gange


What do you expect working as models ? What fascinates you the most ?

I hope to always give the best of me and make everyone (Photographer, client, stylist…) satisfied with the result. What fascinates me the most is all the hard work and everything that is done on a set to get to the end result.

Which was the first picture that someone took of you? Your impression about the first picture, first photo shoot.

It was a photographer in my hometown, Itararé, a small town in Brazil, who took my first picture. I loved it, but I never imagined that from there everything would change and I would get where I am today…

What have you learned from working as a model?

I had to learn to live by myself since I was very young. I learned a lot of different cultures, and how to be patient, because nothing happens from night to day, especially in this business.

What was the model that inspired you the most and among the models of today who you like the most and why?

Linda Evangelista, I like the way she poses for photos and what it conveys, her personality is remarkable and her career is an inspiration for many girls. She’s a real supermodel!

Where have you traveled with modeling? What has been your favorite city to visit?

Yes, I have been in Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Paris, New York. But my prefer One is Cape Town for sure.

Modeling is also about waiting – waiting for you make up, hair done…. how do you spend your “waiting time” ?

I listen some music, read, usually in shows always have some friend And we can catch up and have fun…

What is your relationship with fashion? Do you have your own style, do you like to play with clothes and colors?

I’m very basic, I like feeling comfortable…

Your relationship with social media, photos, “Instagram”..? You cannot live without it or sometimes you prefer to be “offline”?

I love social media, I’m addicted! I always post pictures on my Instagram and Snapchat during the shootings..

What are you excited about doing next? What is your next dream job?

I’m still not sure what my dream job would be, but I would definitely want to have my own business one day. I have a few ideas, but for now I love what I do and all the opportunities that this job gave me. Working in fashion changed my life!