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Browsing trough the best Instagram’s accounts looking for pics that are curious, interesting, funny, social…we’re trying to understand trough the “square” pics how the fashion/celebrity world looks like outside the glossy glamour of “official” pictures.

One of the coolest thing of when you get very famous is that you get “fan art”! This is Lupita/Cartoon.

This is a more expressionist Sasha.

This is a watercolor style Anna…she’s a modern Modigliani Woman herself so it’s obvious she gets portraits.

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Belly button still on point lol

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For some the waiting is almost over.

For some others is definitely over :-).

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Hiya dreamy @alicepalmtree

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Off duty models do canoeing.

Rihanna explains us in 50 sec why she loves Star Treck so much.

Ice and a cold sodas for wisdom’s teeth pain.

Karlie’s 5 million followers.

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SUSAN, Seduction Like so many teenagers, I spent countless Friday and Saturday nights at midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 8th Street Playhouse (which is still standing!) and the Festival Theatre on 57th Street (which has long since closed). TRHPS was a coming of age and right of passage. It became an invitation (or excuse) to dress up and express oneself fearlessly. The cult classic made it cool for boys to wear sequins, satin and fishnets. I fell in love with Susan Sarandon’s onscreen portrayal of Janet during her “loss of innocence” scene by way of a crossdressing alien and her giddy, ecstatic rendition of, “touch-a, touch-a, touch me…” There was a subtle rebellious quality that I found in Susan with how she chose to play Janet and perhaps (as I now look back on it) her decision as a young actor to take a role in a film that challenged the notion of gender roles. In the hyper-stylized, gothic film, The Hunger, Susan’s portrayal as the lesbian love interest of vampire Catherine Deneuve was yet another progressive challenging of normal and a testament to Susan’s artistic exploration of boundaries. It was in my early days at Perry Ellis when I first had the privilege of meeting Susan. Her intelligence, courage, strength, conviction and ballsiness has always been so admirable to me. There’s an inherent seductive quality in Susan as a woman who always speaks her mind and an artist who takes risks. Her talent as an actress is one of extraordinary range, talent and power. The stunning Susan Sarandon by David Sims for our Fall ’16 ad campaign.

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Susan Sarandon in the new Marc Jacobs campaign.

Gigi Hadid hand-made Adidas jacket.