FLOW The Label Resort 2017

FLOW The Label Resort 2017


FLOW The Label Resort 2017    Italiano-Inglese-New11

Il brand Ucraino-Belga Flow The Label presenta la sua nuova collezione Resort 2017 ispirata al film del 1975 “Stepford wives”. Il film ha di fatto continuato i temi tradizionali scelti dalle due designer Viktoria Balaniuk e Veronica Vez. Le collezioni sono sempre connesse con l’arte, che sia l’architettura di Lloyd Wright o le immagini impressioniste di Eugene Boudin o nelle più recenti la cinematografia americana dei classici degli anni ’70.

In questo caso il film “Stepford wives” è anche conosciuto attraverso il remake moderno con protagonista Nicole Kidman anche se la versione originale ha una trama più cervellotica e un’impeccabile estetica. Il film è incentrato sul contrasto fra due tipologie di donne diverse: da un lato una donna emancipata e pensierosa, dall’altro una molto dipendente e mielosa.

La collezione è un perfetto equilibrio fra potere e sottomissione, stile informale ed elegante. La palette si basa sul bianco, nero, blu, blu scuro e beige.

Ukrainian-Belgian brand FLOW the Label presents its new cruise collection Resort 2017 inspired by 1975 movie ‘Stepford wives’. The movie has continued the traditional range of themes chosen by FLOW’s sister designers Viktoria Balaniuk and Veronika Vez. The collections are always connected with art, be it Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, impressionist images by Eugene Boudin, or, as in recent collection, 70’s classic American cinematography.

‘Stepford wives’ is well-known due to its modern remake starring Nicole Kidman, yet the original version has far more exquisite, intellectual plot, and impeccable visual aesthetic. The movie is centered around the contrast of two female types: the emancipated and thoughtful one, and, on the opposite, the dependent and sugary.

‘The movie has been significant in 70’s USA, in times of active fight for women’s social equality and rights. And it is still relevant today’, –  tells Victoria Balaniuk. ‘According to the plot, women were coming to the town of Stepford to build their family lives. Before this, all of them were naturally charming and socially active, had lots of hobbies and interests. But their husbands didn’t like that. So they started killing their wives -  just to turn them into thoughtless clones. Along with FLOW the Label’s traditional 70’s fashion quotes, this contrast of active and passive female characters became the base of the collection.’

The image of the exemplary Stepford  wife has resulted in aprons with ruffles, volant dresses, silk batiste blouses and garments made with FLOW the Label’s signature ‘broderie anglaise’ sewing technique. The strong and independent temper has resulted in the use of comfortable fabrics like denim, tweed, cotton and details like raw edges.

FLOW the Label’s cruise 2017 collection is a soft and smart balance of power and submission, informal style and elegance. The palette includes white, black, blue, dark blue and beige.