Vionnet Resort 2017

Vionnet Resort 2017


Vionnet Resort 2017   Italiano-Inglese-New11

Come completare un puzzle complicatissimo scegliendo i pezzi ad uno ad uno, ecco che la collezione Vionnet Resort 2017 fa un tributo ai giardini moderni, vibranti di natura e verdeggianti di lusso.

Come un leggiadro studio architettonico contaminato da riferimenti pittorici, le linee grafiche dell’espressionismo astratto incorniciano la palette dei maestri dell’impressionismo. Fiori gialli di mimosa sbocciano pieni di vita in una paesaggio dai millecolori: rosa giglio d’acqua, verde, albicocca, e blu ceruleo giocano a nascondino con i bianchi e i neri. Un delicato percorso di materiali sinuosamente ricamano il tulle e lo chiffon di seta insieme al cotone, pelle e fluido lussuoso satin.

Assembled from the pieces of an intricate jigsaw puzzle, the Vionnet Resort 2017 collection pays tribute to the modern garden, vibrating with verdant colour and luxurious ease.

As a soft architectural study awash with painterly references, the graphic lines of abstract expressionism frame the palette of the Impressionist masters. Yellow mimosa flowers spring to life amongst a landscape of colours: water lily pink, willow green, apricot, blush, and cerulean blue intertwined with the strictness of black and white. A delicate array of sinuous materials spans embroidered tulle and silk chiffon to cotton canvas, calfskin and fluid luxurious satin.

Classicism is twisted with a deft hand, as delicate ‘flou’ gowns are crafted in crèpe or georgette with the floating ease of a kaftan. Asymmetries wind around the feminine form as graceful spirals outlined by a piped contrast hem, and gold-striped grosgrain ribbons secure ruffles and cinch the waist. The historical essence of Vionnet emerges in multiple iterations for evening, as gowns fall in tiers of silk pleating, rivulets of technical knitwear, or cocooning sheaths of satin.

Transformed from day-to-night, tunics and short-sleeved gilets are layered upon straight pants or pleated skirts edged in striped lace. Tailoring receives a light touch; the tuxedo is redefined in tropical- weight wool or mimosa-print chiffon, and a double-breasted short suit zings in a fil coupé puzzle jacquard.

The iconic Mosaic handbag returns in mini and micro versions, its sophisticated lines emphasised by the graphic opulence of water snake and the season’s line and puzzle prints. Block heel platforms and T- bar sandals are adorned with playful ‘mimosa’ raffia pom-poms, and finished in metallic leathers, water snake and brushed suede. The Vionnet elastic ballet sneaker returns in low-top and gladiator styles panelled in snakeskin, calf leather, and technical mesh with raffia pom-poms and ‘jais’ crystal details.