Spotlight on Pasha Harulia

Spotlight on Pasha Harulia


Spotlight on Pasha Harulia

By Gioia Gange

Find out everything you wanna know about a model’s life trough our exclusive interview with Pasha Harulia.

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Which was the first picture that someone took of you, the first model job you had,which were the first impression you had you saw it published?

My first job was lookbook of knitted wear. The first thing I’ve done was profile photos changing in all my social media so that everyone could notice how I changed and what I started to do. It was a true pleasure to gain an attention frankly speaking.

Which is the first rule you’ve learnt working as a model?

The first and the main rule I always follow — to put the most important things on the prior place and to do my all best. I turn on all my efforts to maximum. Always and everywhere I keep calm, with any people and at all kind of jobs.

How do you reconcile your life (studies, friends..) with your work?

I have just finished my school and called off the higher education to the more stable times. With my work it can be tough sometimes because I miss my friends and so do them while travelling.

What is your relationship with fashion? You have your own style, you like to play with clothes and fashion?

I’m still not that familiar with fashion however it is getting easier and easier with every season. I got this rough flow which always changes. My style is my mood. It’s quite hard to predict what I will buy today or which combination I will choose tomorrow. But my fav ones forever and ever — tomboy and minimalism.

Your relationship with social, photos, Instagram..? You cannot live without it…or sometimes you prefer to be “off line”?

I don’t really like to communicate with people online. It’s hard to pick right words when I write not talk. To be fair social media for me is kind of illusion. I love my web pals but I would appreciate to see their eyes and to hear the voice. Facebook is a somber forest to me lol. Instagram — entertainmnet and selfexpression to a certain extent.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I like videogames, reading psychology and watching films at home. I have plenty weird hobbies. I might seem a shut-in person but it is not really so.

What’s the thing that people doesn’t know about working as a model?

The most of surrounding people just do not have any clue about modeling. Seriously. Sometimes I need to explain it for hours. Modeling to the masses! lol

The weirdest or funniest thing happened on a set?

In Japan I had a shooting when the lights turned off suddenly and we started to conjure ‘’the gosts’’ away. In Ukraine there is funny ‘’trash’’ happens even more often. And it doesn’t get in the way of a good working results.

What’s the thing you like the most about your job and what you don’t like?

Fairly I appreciate an opportunity of good earnings a lot. Also I like constant image changing. It might sound weird but also I love modeling for its unpredictability. Sometimes one can get tired of it but the healthy competition and constant motion take me from anabiosis which has been following me for all my life before.

Modeling is also about waiting, waiting for you make up….how do you spend your “waiting time”?

Self-improvement and communication with friends.