La Cambre Mode(s) Fashion Show 16

La Cambre Mode(s) Fashion Show 16


La Cambre Mode(s) Fashion Show 16

On Friday and Saturday night, the annual La Cambre Mode[s] fashion show was held in Brussels. This year, 63 collections were shown with more than 400 looks. The first year students worked on tartan, the second years on silk scarves. The third year is dedicated to menswear with no less than 14 collections. The master students showed 15 collections, 8 in the first year and 7 in the second and last year. This year and following the Brussels attacks, Tony Delcampe (La Cambre) and Walter Van Beirendonck (Academy of Antwerp) decided to shoot the posters for their respective fashion shows with the same clothes wich say « Stop terrorizing our wolrd » (from a collection designer by Walter Van Beirendonck following the Paris attacks last year). The collection were all very creative and beautiful but here is a round up of the pieces that really caught my eyes.


What really stood out in the meanswear collections from the third year students were the clothes of Mathilde Van Rossom and Antoine-Emmanuel Picot.

 The collection of Antoine-Emmanuel Picot had a couple of great outerwear pieces – particularly gorgeous flowered jackets.

The collection of Mathilde Van Rossom was  beautiful as well with bright blue pants, a red asymetrical coat and an innovative new take on the white button-down shirt.


Two collections really caught the eyes on the runway for the first year students.

Ester Manas : her collection was really playful and colorful, with a lot of bell pants and red.

Kevin Prat Irien (favorite collection) : the collection had a lot of sequins with very interesting work on the volumes of the clothes. There were also a lot of very interesting mix of textiles and textures.


Anna Tanaka : what was really great about this collection was the outerwear pieces and painted coats.

Charlotte Mounzer : it was a very delicate collection, with flowy materials and soft colors. The white and green was particularly pretty.

Julian Klausner (favorite collection) : the color palette was so good, with gold, red, pink, green, blue, yellow… and a lot of sequins. The collection was definitely party ready !

Mariam Mazmishvili : the collection was very girly with great accessories (the sunglasses were very pretty). The shape of the dresses were also very interesting.

Marine Serre : the collection was very sporty, wether it is in the cuts of the clothes or in the accesorizing.

Margot Thibaut for ZOEMAGAZINE.NET