Interview with the photographer Andrew Tarnawczyk

Interview with the photographer Andrew Tarnawczyk


Interview with the photographer Andrew Tarnawczyk

It was your dream job?

It`s hard to say what my dream job really is. There is so many things that I have never tried in life. Maybe I would love to play piano, I don`t know as I never tried it. But one is for sure – I do love photography and Fashion genre seems to be by far the most exciting for me.

Which is the first thing you photographed?

Like most of the people who grab their cameras for the very first time I mostly photographed nature. I still have hundreds of photos of flowers, cats and birds stored on my hard drive. Later, when I matured as a person I got interested in people, conceptual and fashion photography.

Who’s the photographer you admire the most and why?

It must be Guy Bourdin – for His unique and very bizarre style. He is a real genius for me and I`m strongly inspired by His work.

When you take a photo, how do you live this moment. Can you detach yourself from reality?

I find the whole process of planning, preparation, location and model scouting to be very magical. I often like to create dreamy scenes and the final photo reminds me about this moments. I must admit that during the photoshoot I often feel detached from reality, it`s like being in the alternative universe for a split of a second.

Your job takes you often travel and visit many countries; What fascinates you more than an unfamiliar place? It can be an ideal location to make the shots?

I`m more interested in finding exciting elements in everyday, normal things. I enjoy turning these usual things into some unusual and unexpected ones. It can be achieved by choosing the right locations, careful styling, use of props or models. In this moment the only limitation is You imagination.

Who’s the first person you have photographed ?

It was my ex-girlfriend. I remember taking a series of very cheesy shoots of Her.

How did you feel on your first show? What a feeling you feel when someone appreciates and “reads” your photos?

For us, photographers, as for any others creatives it`s very important to feel appreciated from time to time. It boost Your confidence and often lifts up Your morals too. For me personally it`s a sign that I`m doing the right thing and people what to see my work. Photography is a language and it`s a lovely feeling when people “reads” Your work well.

If your photos had a soundtrack, which songs you’d choose?

I love film music so Hans Zimmer would be perfect for my photographs that have more dark and cold character. For the ones that have a bit of grotesque and irony feel to them I would choose some Funk tunes – maybe Prince ?

If you weren’t a photographer which job you would like to do and why?

Dancer ! Because I used to practice different dance styles for years and sometimes I really miss dancing. I also think that dance It`s one of the most beautiful of all art forms.

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