Iguatemi 50th Anniversary – Leandro Erlich Art Installation

Iguatemi 50th Anniversary – Leandro Erlich Art Installation


Iguatemi 50th Anniversary – Leandro Erlich Art Installation

To celebrate its 50th anniversary and solidify its connection with fashion and art, Iguatemi São Paulo brings to the public the installation Changing Rooms. In order to recreate the unique experience of accomplishment and discoveries, the Argentine artist Leandro Erlich will install the work in Iguatemi’s iconic Plaza. The public will be able to visit between June 7 and July 10.

The installation was chosen for its explicit art synergy with fashion, both main foundations of the shopping center. The idea is to present the Iguatemi client with one of the most important pieces of work in the arts, inviting them to physically interact, in a space as common as a fitting room.

The intention is to awaken the client for the new, instigating a change in the everyday experience through art. “Going into a fitting room is a disturbing experience! The spectator, who moves in a labyrinth where, at times, their own reflection is repeated infinitely, and sometimes suppressed, is confronted with various forms of the inaccessible,” observed the artist.

With nearly 700 square feet, Changing Rooms is an installation composed of several fitting rooms, each consisting of a series of gold-framed mirrors, strategically places to create a sensation of the infinite. Some fittings rooms have fake mirrors that allow a passage to the other side. The only way to discover this is to enter and go through all the rooms. This is the intentional illusion Erlich wanted to create. For a better experience of Changing Rooms, the shopping center will conduct guided tours for groups of 15 or more.

Clients will be able to learn more about the artist and follow details of the installation on the smartphone and tablet application, as well as the digital platform that Iguatemi created for its 50th year anniversary (www.iguatemi50anos.com.br). The website will also host exclusive content about art, fashion and lifestyle. There, clients will be able to interact posting depositions and tributes to the shopping center. The portal launches May 18th.

Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich is 43-years-old and from Buenos Aires, where he started his career trajectory in the art world. His work presents a universe of anti-gravity, where perception from the spectator is involved through odd forms and identifications. Known as the architect of uncertainty, Erlich is part of collections of prestigious museums such as the Tate Modern in London, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and MACRO in Rome. He’s had over 18 solo exhibitions around the world including the Unites States, Spain, Israel, Germany, the United Kingdom and Brazil.