Interview with the designer of LALO

Interview with the designer of LALO


Interview with the designer of LALO

By Gioia Gange

Lalo Designer Foto

Lalo Dolidze

When and how you decided that you wanted to be a designer?

I always had the dream of being a designer and I always made things for myself, until finally, with help from my sister, I was able to establish my brand.

It was your dream job?

Yes it was always my dream job.

Which is the first thing you designed and for who?

The first item I designed was, of course,  a cardigan. I made it for myself.

Who’s the designer you admire the most and why?

New one every year, there are so many amazing and inspirational people that you can’t really chose one.

Who’s your muse, your icon, when you create a dress?

It depends on the collection that I am working on. For the last collection my muses were the icons of the 60s like  Anna Karina, Brigitte Bardot.

If you had to design an entire collection using just one color, which is the one you’d pick and why?

I would probably chose burgundy, but I don’t really know why.

Who’s the first person you show your sketches to?

My mom.

The fabric you love the most and why?

Tweed, because of its complexity and the effort that is needed to produce it.

If your clothes had a soundtrack, which songs you’d chose?

House music, like the music we use for our runway shows.

Do you have any tricks to avoid that “blank page” moment when you’re at the beginning of the designing of a new collection? Do you watch a movie, flip an old magazine…

I watch a lot of TV shows.

If you weren’t a designer which job in the fashion world you would like to do and why?

I guess I would be a make up artist, this way I would still be able to work with different colors and materials.

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The inspiration behind the collection.

The collection zeitgeist was inspired by the silhouette of 60s, cinema and fashion icons.

Wondering how would icons like Anna Karina, Francoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot adjust their style nowadays Lalo Dolidze presented her vision of 60s spirit with contemporary lifestyle.

Making iconic pieces more casual, more contemporary and stylish for everyday looks yet with an enchanted vibe of nostalgic 60s.

The main concept of the collection is handmade Tweed textile.

Tweed long oversized coats, jackets with a hint of boyish attitude, plisse dresses from silk organza and a legendary duet of tweed skirts and jackets present facets of femininity.

LALO’s woman is someone who is interested in fashion but she’s not someone who is craving for the last new thing.  She has a sense of excellence, of quality, of timeless pieces.