Hako x Yana Chervinska

Hako x Yana Chervinska


Hako x Yana Chervinska

Hakoline is an online store that sells clothes and accessories made in Ukraine. The store collaborates with best local designers: special capsule collections were created with the help of Yulia Yefimtchuk (label Yulia Yefimtchuk+), Ksenia Schnaider (X’U) and others.

This time, Hako joined young and unconventional Ukrainian designer Yana Chervinska, finalist of Bazaar Fashion Forward (Ukraine) and Be Next (Georgia) contests, to produce their Hako x Yana Chervinska collection together.

Yana Chervinska is a known fashion romanticist who experiments with shapes, fabrics, decorative elements and colours, uses some offbeat designing techniques and often gives her work a fairy-tale twist.

Sometimes her garments resemble Mad Hatter’s costume if he preferred womenswear; the other time they are far more minimal, absolutely suitable for mundane living. For Hako, Chervinska has made a bit reserved, sportive collection, yet still unhackneyed and rich with avant-garde details.

Hako x Yana Chervinska capsule collection is dedicated to night sleep and domestic comfort.

‘The collection is about a girl who forgot to take her nightdress off. She woke up and went outside in the same clothes she wore when she was asleep’, — tells Yana.

The collection includes cosy shirt dresses, 70’s-inspired flared pants, voluminous raincoats with lots of strings that look as creased as if you’ve been sleeping in them. To create the homey feel, Chervinska chose relaxed oversize take on silhouettes, lingerie motives and calm girly palette of milky blue and tender pink. Fabrics of the collection include knitted and waterproof raincoat materials, organza, denim, cotton, mohair.

Hako x Yana Chervinska consists of 16 designs. As most of Hako’s designer collections, this one has moderate prices and a touch of casual and streetwear style.

Each item from the collection is available to be purchased on Hakoline with a worldwide delivery.



Photography: Tanya Olifirenko (http://tanya-olifirenko.tumblr.com/)