The Photography of Ken Weingart

The Photography of Ken Weingart


We, at Zoe Magazine in Italy, are excited to present portraits from the super talented Los Angeles photographer, Ken Weingart, who also speaks Italian! We like the way his people and beauty portraits create depth and mystery of expression. Ken has photographed some of the most famous artists of our time — Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Sigourney Weaver, Dr. Dre, and many more. Enjoy the review of the bello images and artistic portraits, and follow Ken Weingart on Instagram today!

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In the gallery above:

1 Vic- Tattoos- Portrait -Los Angeles.
2 Monica – Flying- from Motion Series.
3 Cameron – Skateboarder – from Venice Portrait Series.
4 Carina – Beauty Portrait – New York City.
5 Kim Kardashian – from Celebrity Archive Portfolio.
6 Julio – from Venice Portrait Series.
7 Kate Winslet – from Celebrity Archive Portfolio.
8 Kevin – from Venice Portrait Series.
9 Nathan & Shaneika from Motion Series.-
10 Nduta – Beauty Portrait – New York City.
11 Man with Doll – from Motel Stories Series.
12 Peril 1 – from Motel Stories Series.

His full websites social media sites are here below:!/kenweingart