Nino Babukhadia FW 2016

Nino Babukhadia FW 2016


Nino Babukhadia FW 2016

In the silhouettes of Nino Babukhadia FW 17 collection, one can intensively feel the influence of 70’s.

The defining features of this collection are: straight silhouettes, oversized coats, thick and thin tissue synthesis, airy organza shirts with transparent ribbons, skirts and high waist short pants.

It’s already a second season, that Nino actively uses massive spotty embroidery on a thin natural textile.

You will aslo meet a variety of thick fabrics, threated with shibori technology. This time the inspiration of collection is the modern art representative Carlie Trosclair.

Huge compostions with draping style are sublimated through the shibori technology.

Specially for this collection was based a collaboration with a designer Natia Khutsishvili, that led to the creation of handmade accessories made of natural leather and genuine stones.