Marianna Senchina FW 2016

Marianna Senchina FW 2016


Marianna Senchina FW 2016

Fourth Marianna Senchina collection is called “Love Kills”. It tells the story of a girl who is deeply hurt by love and is going through some tough time because of that. But, since brand’s philosophy is based on irony and lightness of spirit, its heroine manages to suffer with a reasonable amount of humour and charm.

Collection is a tribute to two different aestethic. Firstly, there is scouts uniform style, the very one that was praised by Wes Anderson in the “Moonrise Kingdom” movie. And then there is barocco, think of Marie Antoinette in a gloomy mood; therefore “Love Kills” is an eclectic mixture of references and tendencies, where girl scouts put on their zipper dresses with dynamic stripes, combine them with brightly colored sweaters, black berets and chevrons, whereas barocco girl wear blouses with high collars and cuffs embellished with massive brooches.

Sometimes barocco intersects with gothic elements: in this ways designer implies that while her heroines may look nice and charming, underestimating them may be a big mistake. There are times when those two aestethics work together, forming a symbiosis of elegance and chic with utilitarian and practical.

A perfect example of this symbiosis are cropped tops with appliqué details, which designer combines with blouses, decorated with ribbons. This fusion continues with berets adorned with pearls, lip-shaped brooches and bombers with chains and pearls on the sleeves.

Fabric and texture: velveteen, wool, cotton, silk, denim.

Details: berets, ribbons, brooches, crystals, stripes, sequins, pearls.