Shushan FW 2016

Shushan FW 2016


Shushan FW 2016

The designer and founder of the SHUSHAN brand is 20­ years ­old Shushan Pambukhchyan from Armenia, she has lived in Kiev from childhood. Without fashion education Shushan introduced her debut collection at the Fashion Scout Kiev within Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days in September 2015.

Brand’s DNA is a simple cut, which becomes unique due to the unusual details. The aim of the designer is to create a unique, vibrant, but comfortable and wearable clothing. The brand is based in Kiev, collections are also produced here.

The slogan «Make Fashion Not War» and all of the recent tragic and difficult events in the world have become the starting point of the collection «International Girl».

The role of human being in the world, the desire for peace, grace and quiet increase, as well as the role of fashion in our lives, becoming comprehensive. Each look is a symbol of a specific country.

The looks were created using the symbols of Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, France, Italy, USA, UK, Ireland and Germany.

The final look is a white dress as a symbol of peace. International girl is a collective image of the bold, independent and open to the new discoveries girl. There is no internal constraints or geographic boundaries for her.

The materials used in this collection are cotton, crepe, neoprene. The main form­fitting silhouettes. The collection consists of both dresses and trouser suits, it also includes knitted items.