Maison Michel launches online store

Maison Michel launches online store


Maison Michel launches online store

Maison Michel launches its online store in Europe and opens a store on 22, rue Cambon in Paris

After setting up a permanent store on rue Cambon, Maison Michel today announced the redesign of its website and the launch of the company’s e-commerce portal.

Through this virtual storefront, the milliner’s entire catalogue is finally made available, ranging from classical felt hats to seasonal pieces and head ornaments fashioned in an urban, cutting edge esthetic, created under the helm of Maison Michel creative director, Priscilla Royer,

Using an equally simple and elegant site structure, Maison Michel recounts its history through the gestures, objects and images which are at the heart of this artful craft: from wooden hat shapes made out of linden wood to traditional, highly refined techniques, as well as innovative materials and the emergence of new shapes.

A wide range of portraits are also on display: photos shots by Karl Lagerfeld, spontaneous polaroids or snapshots taken in photo-booths – from this abundance of characters emerge a wide range of individualities emerges, scraps of individual lives that solidly anchor Maison Michel in a buzzing everyday life.

Both corporate website and online boutique portal, the renewed digital presence highlights the positioning of Maison Michel, as well as its international development strategy. Initially made available to European countries, this e-commerce platform will be available in the United States in 2017.

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