Acne Studios FW 2016

Acne Studios FW 2016


Acne Studios FW 2016

 “I love how The Cramps were so expressive, forceful and provocative. I wanted to celebrate Poison Ivy and Lux Interior, and to match their attitude with the archetypes of Acne Studios.”

— Jonny Johansson, Creative Director.

Utilitarian motorbike jackets are minimised with clean welded seams, their press studs the only decoration. Leather is bonded with fine metal to create permanent crinkles.

Quilted lining becomes a garment in itself, made from press studded panels that form shapes around the body.

Oversized tweed coats are boiled for softness, the same boiled tweed used for wide legged utilitarian jumpsuits.

Panels of woven leopard in various colours of textured wool are used for coats, while leopard is woven into fine knits like body stockings.

Striped Lurex tops and skinny low waist pants add an onstage persona.

Bended wire forms organic shapes in the necks of knits, the same wire used to create body jewellery that holds over garments. Ultra wide belts wrap the body without fastening.

Heels are created from lettering. Sandals have an extreme tyre sole, while strappy heels are as if made from the cord of a jack wire.

Drawstring leather bags are contained by a fisherman’s bag of woven rope, while clutches are held by a giant belt D ring.