Goossens SS 2016

Goossens SS 2016


Goossens SS 2016

Enjoy all the pieces from the Goossens collection for Spring Summer 2016.


Years of expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence: founded in 1950, the goldsmith Goossens has melted the precious dreams of Couture designers into gold, bronze or silver and transformed them into exceptional jewelry and ornaments.

From an early age, Robert Goossens was introduced to metal crafting by his father, who owned a foundry in the Marais in Paris. His first steps as an apprentice led him to the workshops of the great Parisian silversmiths and jewelers, where he learned the art of jewelry in all its forms.

His intuition and his talent for goldsmithing and jewelry gave him access to the elegant women of the era, among them Louise de Vilmorin, Jacqueline Picasso and the Princess of Yugoslavia, and later to the fashion houses.

Gabrielle Chanel, who met him for the first time in 1953, quickly made him one of her official suppliers, captivated by his ability to reinterpret jewelry inspired by antiquity, by Byzantium or Egypt.

Thanks to this friendly partnership, gold, silver, non-precious metals, rock crystal, wood, molten glass had no more secrets for the young goldsmith. He never ceased to enamel, to smelt and carve jewelry and eclectic, unique and paradoxical objects. Gabrielle Chanel pushed him to play with the ambiguity of the genuine and the faux, and especially to keep pushing back the limits of his imagination.

Goossens’ reputation spread like a golden wildfire: Balenciaga, Grès, Rochas, then Yves Saint Laurent gave him orders for totally surrealistic jewelry and cutting-edge accessories. Then Guerlain, Marc Bohan for Dior, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Sonia Rykiel in turn asked him for jewelry and perfume bottles.

Perpetuating this know-how and the renown of Goossens is now the mission of Patrick and Martine, the founder’s two children: “What we do is not high jewelry or simple fashion jewelry. Our creation only exists through our free expression and outspokenness, and the fact that we have been able to direct our classical training toward imagination and fantasy. And this demand for quality, this excellence, will continue to be our trademark.”

In 2005, the Goossens ateliers joined the company Paraffection which was created by Chanel and now includes 15 houses.