Louis Vuitton FW 2016 “Trough the roof”

Louis Vuitton FW 2016 “Trough the roof”


Louis Vuitton FW 2016 “Trough the roof”

Louis Vuitton Lookbook “” THROUGH THE ROOF ” Photographed by Juergen Teller in the LOUIS VUITTON Headquarters, Paris.

What becomes stylistic heritage? It’s fascinating to travel back through the pantheon of one’s sartorial history. A personal taste for certain pieces, an attraction for one kind of look over another, and the very way a wardrobe is composed are the result of a sum of experiences, memories, sensations and iconic images that are stored away in the sanctuary of the spirit.

For this Autumn-Winter 2016 collection, Nicolas Ghesquière accomplishes a captivating adventure through both time and the heart of the MAISON LOUIS VUITTON, unearthing the glorious vestiges
of a visionary trunk-maker and recasting yesterday’s creations for today’s tastes.

He defines a heroine who is always on the move, whose elegance springs from her dynamism. He forges heritage to better illustrate the present, in clothing that combines irrefutable classicism with the athletic vitality of a true explorer.

They say that culture is what remains when all else has been forgotten. The same goes for fashion culture. This Autumn-Winter collection moves through time, dissolving the borders of memory. It’s a wardrobe that affectionately revisits the past, invents a confident present and defines a fluid mutable future.

The artist Justin Morin created the show’s colonnade. Composed of fifty seven columns, it is inspired by his work Melted Bones (2011), a sculpture in concrete and shattered mirrors.