The best accessories from PFW

The best accessories from PFW


The best accessories from PFW

by Gabriele Paceviciute

Here we are with a selection of the best accessories from Paris Fashion Week, tune in and find out the new trends for the upcoming fall winter 2016 season.

Snakes snakes snakes.

The new Chloè bag everyone will look for.

Comfy and stylish boots at Chloé

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Extra large earrings at Maison Margiela.

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Photoframe/Belt, you decide.

Wow, super stylish handler!

This is a statement shoe indeed.

Forget the Yeezy Boost we do want this Lea Peckre sneaker for next season.

Classic black and white with AA (it stand for Aalto) on one side.

Geometry lesson number one: the rectangular shape.

We don’t know if they’re comfy or not but they definitely catch the eye.

Let’s re-discover a little mystery at Anrea Lage.

Make-up en pendant with the earrings, not your everyday make up but we wanna try it for a special party.

One long earring at time, ok Anthony…we took note about it.



The higher the better, super orange boots at Jacquemus.

Geometry lesson number 2: the square and the circle.

Indian inspiration.


The bigger the better :-).

Belts on belts on belts, we L O V E it.

Snake in the form of a belt.


Flat white sandals to die for at Courreges.


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Shiny shiny boots at Maison Margiela.

Sculptural earrings, we got it…it’s the trend of next season.



Very chic choker, madame Coco would’ve appreciated it.

Pretty cool sunglasses uh.

Flower tapestry blooms on Rochas shoes.


Orange is really the new black? This big circle bag is a candy for the eye.


If you got heel, let’s make it sculptural.

Black and white and gold can you make it more chic?

Don’t follow the rules, lavender is still strong this year, like it love it wear it.

Everyone should have a lil pink bag, don’t you think so?


A bdsm couture?

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