From Brussels with Margot Thibaut

From Brussels with Margot Thibaut


From Brussels with Margot Thibaut

Discover all the dreams and passions of Margot Thibaut, she loves fashion, art and her hometown. Let’s find out all the cool places to go if you’re in Brussels!

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Tell us about yourself: what is the best description? How would you define yourself?

I’d describe myself as a big dreamer. I’ve never been a very rational person. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had my head full of big dreams, knowing deep down that one day I’ll work hard to turn them into reality. I think that’s what defines me te best as this is a huge component of my personality.

What is your connection with fashion? One that you should never miss in your closet?

I’ve always had a very personal and artistic approach to fashion.

Fashion is for me a way of expressing myself and the different aspects of my personality and moods through what I wear on daily basis. Some paint, some write poems or novels when I personally like to express my states of mind by wearing clothes that inspire me.

One item I think everybody should have in their closet (and that I always have in mine) is a nicely made and shaped camel coat. That is a very classic item but it’s so versatile and timeless you can actually wear it with everything and compose a lot of great outfits around it.

Your favorite outfit in the winter? In summer ?

My favorite outfit in winter is a cozy faux-fur coat (even better if it’s a statement coat!) with a fluffy jumper underneath and paired with leather pants. Worn with a classic black leather bag and warm boots, it’s really and easy and utterly stylish outfit for when the temperatures drop.

In summer, my go to outfit is a well cut pair of denim shorts with an oversized white shirt opened on a lace bra. For this summer, I think I’m gonna wear a lot of ballerina pumps as revisited by Céline. In the summer I like to braid my hair and wear very lightweight makeup.

What is your favorite designer?

I really like the work of Raf Simons. I think it’s a genius. I’ve been following him for a good couple of years now and even his menswear collections always inspire me to incorporate elements into my personal looks. I also think he has a very refreshing and multi-dimensional approach to fashion, with a lot of cultural references. I’m very proud that he represents the Belgian designers internationally because I think he definitely is one of the most talented designers today.

Your beauty routine: a shower, tied hair, makeup just right and away or every day a careful choice.

My beauty routine is very simple on most days. I like my makeup and look to look effortless and simple. I usually just jump out of the shower, put on some light foundation, brown mascara and nude lipstick. One of the things I spend the most time on when getting ready is getting a flawless complexion whilst still looking naturel and doing my brows.

When I go out I like to experiment with a lot of dark lipsticks. I don’t usually wear much make up on my eyes.

What do you like most about your city?

One of the things I like the most about Brussels is the cultural scene. Wether it’s theater, art, concerts or fashion events, there’s always something to do and to learn.

Tell us about Brussels fashion: your favorite store?

One of my favorite store in Brussels is Smets. They have an amazing selection of luxury brands and pieces and their buying team has the best eye for selecting gorgeous pieces. Plus, the store is a very beautiful space.

They often organize events in the stores and that’s, according to me, a very good way to make the clients discover the clothes in a new perspective.

Brussels has also a couple of very interesting vintage stores so I like to vintage shopping at least once a month to see if I can discover new treasures there.

Your favourite restaurant of the city? Why?

At the moment, one of my favorite restaurant in the city is called « L’improbable ». The food there is amazing, the decoration of the restaurant is gorgeous and the staff are just the loveliest people. It opened not so long ago and I think it’s a definitive must visit when visiting Brussels.

Brussel’s night life: the kind of evening, where it begins, what it offers, the coolest place to meet and have a drink?

Brussels night life is, like the city, very diverse. There’s a party for every taste. Wether you like to go clubbing or just want to go for a bite and drinks, there will always be a place to go.

One of my favorite bar is called « Chez Hortense » and it’s a very intimate cocktail bar on the gorgeous Sablon square. The cocktails are amazingly made and a lot of thought goes into their elaboration. They can seem a little bit expensive but I assure you it’s totally worth it!

If you feel more like going into a club, the Bloody Louis is quite a good choice too!

What is your connection with social media?

I have a very strong connection to social media. This is where I drive most of my blog traffic from and thus this is very important for me. I think social media and especially Instagram are crucial for bloggers nowadays and this will also become more and more important in the coming years.

I also study public relations so social media are also part of what I do on a daily basis.

The last question for us is: ZOE was born in Italy, the one you like best about our country?

One of my favorite things about Italy is the fashion. Italian fashion always made me dream the most. The textures, the fabrics and the craftsmanship amaze me.

Another thing I love about your country (and this is really cliché) is Rome. This is to me one of the most beautiful European cities.