From Tokyo…with Hideyuki Hayashi

From Tokyo…with Hideyuki Hayashi


From Tokyo…with Hideyuki Hayashi

Let’s know a little bit better the life and work of Stylist and globetrotter Hideyuki Hayashi.

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If you had to describe yourself in 3 words…

Earnest , precise , beerholic.

How and when you decided you wanted to be a Stylist?

When I was fourth grade of university of economics. While most of my friends had started to be a part of companies, I had noticed that “this is not what I wanna do”. I had been loving fashion and fashion stylist job was becoming popular in Japan at that time.

It was your dream job?

Yes,it “was”. But now I have quite different style than what I dreamed. I just wanted to work with Japanese male fashion magazine,which means I was just a fashionholic. I had never expected what I’m doing now since I’m working in the other country and working for female fashion industry as well. And now I’m not fashionholic, I just love fashion photography.

One must have item for a man’s wardrobe and for a woman’s wardrobe?

Something black.

Which is your favorite designer and why?

Nicolas Ghesquiere. I’ve been learning what is modern in fashion. It’s not only about fashion design but also fashion photography, direction, beauty. He is the god of modernism.

What you like the most of Tokyo?

Quality of life. Ironically I noticed about it when I left there. High level of service, products, foods, aesthetics in that diversity. I’m sure its absolutely top of the world.

If you had to choose a city to live (apart from Tokyo) which would it be?

Somewhere in Europe. Now I’m living in Dubai,and I think the next stop is Europe. Roots of fashion, impressive people, daily inputs. So I need to have good preparation to work there.

Which is the first thing you do when you arrive in Tokyo…a place you have to visit or a food you have to eat as soon as you arrive in town.

Eat Japanese food, anything works. It’s very difficult to eat proper Japanese cuisine in other countries… And they are too expensive.

Let’s talk about the fashion side of Tokyo, your favorite concept stores? I told you,I’m no longer fashion holic,which means I’m not doing a lot of shopping. But of course I went to a lot of stores to borrow wardrobes when I working there. Dover street market Ginza was so impressive.

Interior, selection of brands everything are coming form the view point of Rei Kawakubo. You can see what Japanese fashion scene is when you get there. And Venom Tokyo is one of my favorite store as well.

The best restaurant in Tokyo? The most stylish one?

Not sure to be honest. I’m not a big fan of visiting stylish restaurant. I prefer ordinary izakaya style. I used to visit Gowan in Shibuya Tokyo, to eat fresh seafood with reasonable price.

What’s your night life when you’re in Tokyo? where it starts…what do you do…where do you go?

Its same as the answer of last question. I prefer to talk about life with friends than have a crazy party at night club,should be calm mood. So start from izakaya or pub, and then….tend to go to karaoke actually.

What’s your relationship with social media? Are you always online…or sometimes you’d like to turn everything off?

Its getting be important day by day. Yes, I’m trying to be online now. I’m not good at self producing though.

Zoe magazine is an italian based magazine, what you like the most of Italy?

I’ve been to Venice few years ago and it was amazing. I’d like to try living there if there is fashion styling job in the future.