Paul Smith for David Bowie

Paul Smith for David Bowie


Paul Smith for David Bowie

Paul Smith is delighted to announce a new collaboration with David Bowie and graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook to mark the release of Bowie’s 28th studio album, ★ (Blackstar).

The limited edition Paul Smith for David Bowie T-shirt design is available in black and white versions, blending Jonathan Barnbrook’s ★ album artwork with handwritten text from Paul. *

Throughout their respective careers David and Paul have been friends and collaborators.

“I’ve known David Bowie for many years and have been fortunate to spend time with him in the past”, said Paul. “I was delighted when he asked me to collaborate on the release of The Next Day in 2013 and equally delighted to work with him again on creating a T-shirt for the release of ★ .”

Two years after their initial partnership, Paul, David and graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook have reconnected to celebrate Bowie’s 28th and latest studio album, which is released on the artist’s 69th birthday.

Conventional wisdom suggests that artists move toward the mainstream as they age, but Bowie’s remarkable power of reinvention has always bucked this trend.

Whether it’s the minimalist sleeve design or the unexpected jazz influences on the record, ★ presents a snapshot of an artist in perpetual motion – a man who has never been afraid of ch-ch-ch-changes. The Paul Smith for David Bowie T-shirt offers another take on Jonathan Barnbrook’s minimalist artwork. Unlike every other Bowie album you won’t find a portrait of David on the cover – although he did find his way onto some of the posters (above).

Instead, Barnbrook has worked with Bowie to boil down the core theme of the album to its most simplistic visual form. Indeed, both Bowie and Barnbrook have asked that the album simply be referred to as ★ .

*T-shirts will go on sale at one minute past midnight on Friday, January 8th to mirror the launch of the album.