Barrie SS 2016

Barrie SS 2016


Barrie SS 2016    Italiano-Inglese-New11

Barrie presenta le sue collezioni ready to wear per la primavera/estate 2016. Storico brand manifatturiero del cashmere sin dal 1903, la casa scozzese scuote i classici codici del materiali più lussuosi infondendogli un soffio di modernità. Sotto l’impeto creativo di Odile Massuger, il cashmere ha potuto navigare liberamente attraverso qualunque possibile utilizzo creando 16 temi diversi.

Per questa stagione, il brand scozzese espande ulteriormente il suo vocabolario artistico proponendo una collezione pre-spring e una spring summer dedicate ai bellissimi giorni d’estate.

La pre-collezione ha un forte focus su pezzi senza tempo, rivisitando i classici temi marinari…la maglia a righe in una nuova versione contemporanea ha le linee “mosse” come se fosse stata attraversata dalla corrente elettrica.  Questo must-have, che sia una canotta o un cardigan, è l’ideale per essere messo con un paio di pantaloni sportivi con il perfetto taglio casual, in cachemire leggero, pantaloncini o  gonna con strisce tricolori in 3D, per andare in giro liberamente.

Per quanto riguarda la collezione Spring Summer 2016 la linea è stata progettata per i diversi momenti della giornata, ed è stato quindi arricchita con pezzi più sofisticati per la sera. Per la prima volta il lurex si combina con cachemire nei toni morbidi di oro, rosa o verdi iridescenti, su abiti dalle linee morbide, lunghezza al ginocchio, con un taglio anni sessanta, con maniche ampie che volteggiano in un gioco di drappeggio e pieghe.

Lo scollo a V molto bon ton è sottolineato da una delicata cravatta-collana, mentre la schiena scoperta rivela tutta la sensualità di questo outfit. Il cashmere diventa una seconda pelle, indossato con una cappa i cui tagli danno libertà completa alla silhouette e al movimento, raccontando una eleganza contemporanea.

Barrie presents its new ready-to-wear collection for spring-summer 2016. Historic manufacturer of a legendary cashmere since 1903, Scottish Home shakes up the classic codes of most luxurious materials by infusing them with a breath of modernity. Under the impetus of Odile Massuger, cashmere has taken the liberty of every possible stylistic boldness through sixteen themes of unprecedented creativity.

This season, the Scottish brand further expands its artistic vocabulary by proposing a pre-Spring collection and a collection dedicated to the beautiful days of summer, both consisting of a large number of unique models.

The pre-collection has a strong focus on timeless pieces, notably through the Fancy Coast theme that revisits the traditional marine sweater in a radically contemporary and desirable form with craggy stripes, as if electrified, and knitted 3D thistles blossoming along the length of the sleeves. This must-have, a tank top and a cardigan, is ideal for mixing with pair of sports slacks with the perfect casual cut, woven in a lightweight cashmere, shorts or a wrap- over skirt with tricolor stripes in 3D, for walking around freely.

The refinement of the nautical mindset is reinterpreted also in the Ketch Line theme where the long double-breasted navy jacket with 3 white porcelain buttons turns into a piece of urban tailoring, perfect for the most daring to wear as a dress, or else with linen trousers with the hand-painted Tuxedo trim. We find the same refinement in the wide V-neck sweater, subtly underlined with a border of white porcelain buttons for a sensual effect.

The Scottish House has a gift for inspired side-stepping. The House reinvents the classics, turning them into iconic pieces that are distinctive in their uniqueness, while remaining quite ascetic. A true signature.

For the summer, the wardrobe is completed with light and graphic capes or ponchos that are a genuine technological prowess, like a gossamer lace with a 3-d camouflage effect and transparencies. The Trash Paradox dress alone sums up the Barrie mindset with a top in classic sock knit that is deceptively severe, with a feminine asymmetric neckline that is soon unsettled by a skirt that plays with contrasts, with full volume and swirling mesh, the hand- frayed strings of which caress the body.

The spirit of this collection lacks neither character nor mischievous energy. Like the My Face sweaters adorned with large stylized sheep in citrus colors and fleecy 3D legs, a humorous nod to the animal king of the Scottish countryside in the Scottish Borders, cradle of the Barrie business. Same playful effect in the leapfrog game you can see on the cardigans and tops with the staggered short sleeves in the Just Me line. These models are deliciously pop, made in the finest cashmere fiber from Mongolia, to be worn with fringed trapeze skirts outlining a youthful and modern look.

This collection is designed for all the different times of the day, and was therefore enriched with more sophisticated pieces for the evening. For the first time, Lurex combines with cashmere in soft tones of gold, pink or iridescent greens, on flowing dresses, knee length, a sixties cut, with handkerchief sleeves that twirl in a light play of drape and fold. The good-girl V neckline is underscored by a delicate “necklace” tie, while the bare back reveals the sensuality of this outfit. The cashmere becomes a second skin, worn with a cape whose cut gives free reign to the silhouette and to movement, advocating a contemporary elegance.

The know-how of the cashmere manufacturer is constantly enriched with new technologies, enabling all sorts of innovations. Vintage drawings dress the capes and the long intarsia dresses in a bold chromatic explosion, where strands of Lurex mingle with the cashmere on textured motifs of revisited sixties inspiration. The many frank colors coexist harmoniously thanks to the virtuoso craftsmanship of Barrie.

The silhouettes of this Spring-Summer 2016 are the perfect link between poetry and technical innovation, graphic research and creative fantasy, contemporary femininity and nostalgia for the sixties. This new Barrie collection stands out with its style which combines elegance, comfort and modernity with a twist, always resolutely arty chic.

Click the images below to take a look at the pre-collection.

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