Artist Cao Dien presents “Human-Flower”

Artist Cao Dien presents “Human-Flower”


Artist Cao Dien presents “Human-Flower”

Cao Dien is an artist from Vietnam but I just moved to the United States. He just presented his new project “Human-Flower”:

You know that we love to look at the beauty in flowers or judge people by the way they look, but we don’t see underneath the flower where the roots are the main thing that makes a flower beautiful just like how the roots are the same as what’s inside a person. The inside of a person is what makes the outside even more beautiful.

Flowers are known for its’ bright splash of color when they bloom healthily. That’s what makes them so appealing.

The same goes with us humans. We are appealing by the way we look on the outside; our naked skin, the color of our eyes or even the way our hair is whether it be straight, curly or wavy. In society, people judge each other by how we are portrayed on the outside.

No one really takes notice or cares about what’s on the inside, because what triggers a person to come up to another person so that they can enter and be part of one another’s life is by how they look. Looks matter, no matter how many times people say it doesn’t, it certainly does; the reason why women spend so much money on makeup and skincare, and men spending money on hair products and shaving creams.

That’s how life was created. That’s why flowers grow to have such bright colors, to attract bees for pollination. The roots of the flowers are what build them to grow up being so healthy and strong, but no one really take notice about what goes on underground, very much similar to how personalities go.

Everything on the inside is important of course, but it isn’t the main thing that can get someone to appeal and attract to one another, even though that’s what makes someone who they are and how they look like on the outside. What builds people up stronger is just something that is hidden away deep down inside that no one really knows why people are the way they are until they choose to dig down into the ground and find out. – Cao Dien