Loquet London and Alfonso Cuarón

Loquet London and Alfonso Cuarón


Loquet London and Alfonso Cuarón

British luxury jewellery brand Loquet London have collaborated with Academy-Award winning Director Alfonso Cuarón to create a short film.

The cast featured friends and family of Loquet which included; Nathalie Emmanuel, Gemma Chan, Emily Berrington, Myanna Buring, Gala Gordon, Laura Bailey, Melie Tiacoh and Lottie Hayes.

Loquet London has been a collaborative celebration of all kinds of love stories from day one. A cross-generational creative conversation between friends and lovers, artists and children.

Storytelling via words and pictures and the treasures we hold close to our hearts. And wondering how we remember precious moments; our secrets, memories and dreams.

The chance to make the shortest of short films with Alfonso Cuarón and his extraordinary crew started as a dare and a promise. He made it real – inspired by a diverse group of women and girls, his idea of acapella clapping bringing together our eclectic girl band – for a day of laughter and experimentation and a minute of joy. An original evocation of the spirit of Loquet London. We are indebted to everyone on both sides of the camera, and definitely lucky in love.

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