Vintage Fashion Boutiques

Vintage Fashion Boutiques


Vintage Fashion Boutiques

New fashion boutiques are popping up all over the world. Discover the places full of amazing decor and accessories, masterpieces of new and already well known talented designers and much more as we offer up a list of the unknown vintage fashion places located in Europe.

The Good Store – Berlin, Germany

Since there are a variety of vintage shops in Berlin it is hard not to get lost, but The Good Store definitely stands out! First of all, the atmosphere here differentiates among usually overcrowded vintage stores – everything is simply presented with modern contemporary style but still maintaining vintage feel to it. Also, you can tell that every piece was carefully selected and very qualitative, even if it is something by a top designer or from a retail shop. The Good Store offers vintage pieces and exciting accessories from Berlin based designers too. Definitely a pleasuring experience shopping here!

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Le Corner Des Créateurs – Paris, France

Corner-des-Createurs is comprised of two stores, one sells accessories and the other sells fabrics. While more than 80% of the products are made by French designers, inventory is from around the world. Best known for accessories, jewelry and clothes by young designers.

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Blue Goose – Rome, Italy

Vintage and very feminine fashion with discounts of up to 70%. In this little boutique it’s possible to find the most unique pieces and interesting luxury brands, designer accessories that are no longer in production, jewelry like brooches, earing, necklaces ranging from classic pearls to extravagant costume jewelry. A true heaven for design lovers!


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Moustache Boutique – Vilnius, Lithuania

The perfect place to buy good quality and unique clothing, apparel and accessories created by Lithuanian designers. It has been an attraction for both Lithuanians and visitors ever since it opened. Moustache Boutique is a very good introduction to the Lithuanian fashion scene and they sell both men and women clothes. Minimalistic Scandinavian interiors make this boutique very cozy, especially when it’s located in the very heart of Vilnius.


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Time’s up vintage – Copenhagen, Denmark

This Vintage store is located between young Danish designers stores in downtown. It has an unique selection not only for women, but for men also. Here you can find non-brand pieces as well as garments by well known names. Time’s Up has a team of only few, but they truly mastered selecting various items from vintage stores all around the world. Visiting this store will give you a broad choice of collectives from different places and decades. And you are always guaranteed to buy a high quality one-of-a-kind item!



The Gathering Goddess – London, England

This vintage gemstone located in North Kensington and has been providing fashionistas with outstanding outfits since 2002. Here you can find not only classic everyday fashion, but also a lot of quirky and glamorous collections from different decades. The Gathering Goddess offers a variety of authentic garments and accessories by various designers: Chanel, YSL, Biba, Oscar de la Renta and many more. This shop is a must-visit place in London for all vintage hunters. Plus, you will probably get a chance to have a chat with store owner and a vintage collector Wilma Mae!

The Gathering

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 Review by Juste Zilionyte & Raminta Speciute