Interview with the designer Tako Mekvabidze

Interview with the designer Tako Mekvabidze


Interview with the designer Tako Mekvabidze

Tako Mekvabidze is a Georgian designer. She was the debutant of the 31st season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. This is our exclusive Q&A with her.

When and how you decided that you wanted to be a designer?

When I was a little child I used to go to the Nursery School and remember the time I was constantly saying I want to become a Fashion designer to create beautiful dresses and I never thought about any other professions….

Probably all of these are for the sake of my parents; and perhaps influence of atmosphere that I grew up in the block of flats on the second floor where was a fashion atelier on the first one which was my lovely playing place, every single day I spent there persuaded me that this was the sense of my life and that I should lead this life.

Was it your dream job?

Certainly.. This is the profession I could not live without it…

What was the first thing you designed and for who (yourself, a friend…)?

I created for me… It was chocolate coloured shirt with the fastening on the waist. The fastening was of rough leather sliced in the way of thin leashes, holed the bottom of the Sleeves and laced the leather leashes through the eyelets and finally it went out really amazing which I still keep and may be my relic in Future.

Who’s the designer you admire the most and why?


Who’s your muse, your icon, when you create a dress?

The Muse is my Beautiful city Batumi, a small seaside city with its old buildings and small streets, the place where I was born and work.
I often go to the seaside and draw my new collections!! The culture and history of other countries fascinatingly impress me, upon my returning from different countries I always wish to put everything on the paper and paint all over in my own way…

If you had to design an entire collection using just one color, which is the one you’d pick and why?

Pink. This color is a red energy which is put out and neutralized with the peace of white color. It’s like to being a woman, love, romantic and kindness.

The fabric you love the most: silk, lace, velvet… and why?

I love silk as it’s airy, feminine and sexual.

If your clothes had a soundtrack, what kind of music you’d choose?

Probably jazz…

Do you have any trick to avoid that “blank page” moment when you’re at the beginning of the designing of a new collection? Do you watch a movie, flip an old magazine..?

I take a clean paper and start to create collection, under process arises an inspiration – which refers to the whole collection. This inspiration can be from a book I read one year ago, something I already saw or went through and many other things as well.

If you weren’t a designer, which job in the fashion world you would like to do and why?

Hard to say, I can’t imagine myself in other sphere of life…
I may be a housewife and spend all my time with my family and children. For me, my Family and my profession are the most precious things in life….
If I weren’t a designer, I would most probably be the best housewife and conduct all my duties in an excellent way.

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