Spotlight on Aiste Krepstaite

Spotlight on Aiste Krepstaite


Spotlight on Aiste Krepstaite.

One more Lithuanian beauty. Aiste is a fashion model from Vilnius. Interview by Juste Zilionyte.

Which was the first picture that someone took of you? Your impression about the first picture, first photo shoot.

My first model test was with photographer Natalie Berezina in Riga, Latvia. I was scared and I didn’t know how to pose, like a baby. But you are always happy with your first pictures and it is funny to see how different you can be.

What have you learned from working as a model?

Patience and kindness. To smile when it is needed and always be my best self.

What is the thing you like the most and the least about modeling ?

Favorite part of this job is traveling. Worst – long lines in castings..

How do you think your family feels about your modeling job? (traveling, separated for months etc.)

I think they are happy for me. You need to discover the world and find your place. It wouldn’t be fair to say ‘stay at home don’t go anywhere’. If not modeling I think I would travel somehow anyway.

Where have you traveled with modeling? What has been your favorite city to visit?

England, Italy, Spain, France, China My favorite city to visit was Paris of course.

The weirdest or funniest thing that happened on a set?

It is always weird with fashion, can’t even separate one thing.

Modeling is also about waiting – waiting for you make up, hair done…. how do you spend your “waiting time” ?

I read books or listen to music. Also I communicate with my family and friends.

What is your relationship with fashion? Do you have your own style, do you like to play with clothes and colors?

Fashion is a form of art and I love art. But my own style is kind of darkI don’t like to play with colors.

Your relationship with social media, photos, “Instagram”..? You cannot live without it or sometimes you prefer to be “offline”?

Instagram is like an addicting game. Once you start playing you can’t stop… but I prefer to be offline when I’m around people I like to communicate with or when I need time for myself. All life cannot be only about social media.

What are you excited about doing next? What is your next dream job?

It is rule to not share your dreams, because they wont come true…

Photos by EJ photography, Rokas Baltakys, Erika Cortijo, Agne Papievyte