Mira Mikati with Kaws

Mira Mikati with Kaws


Mira Mikati with Kaws

Spring/Summer 2016 – Bomber jackets collaboration with KAWS

With its easy silhouette and efortless cool look, the bomber jacket has been a Mira Mikati signature since the beginning – it’s what the brand’s Creative Director likes to think of as the modern answer to the blazer.

Mikati has made it her mission to elevate the sporty staple each season: She enlisted the help of Australian artist Darcel Disappoints for her Fall 2015 bomber jacket project, and this time around, renowned American artist KAWS is the collaborator for Spring 2016.

“I’ve been a huge fan for his work for some time – I started collecting his toys over ten years ago,” says Mikati. “So working with him on this was really a DREAM come true.”

The vibrant, saturated color and playful nature of KAWS’ art are a natural fit for Mira Mikati, where optimism and carefree exuberance are fundamental to the design.

“I love the fact that his pieces are always so happy, and full of my favorite cartoon characters: Snoopy, SpongeBob, The Smurfs, Mickey Mouse…,” say Mikati. “He adapts that childlike world so that adults can be part of the fun, too.”

A combination of appliqué, print, and intricate embroidery were used to recreate the distinctive palette of KAWS’ paintings, and each of the three jackets in the collection reflects a diferent aspect of his canvas from front to back.

“I love that his work appears to be so understated. Take a closer look though, and you’ll see each piece is perfectly painted, layer upon layer – you’d think a computer might have done it,” says Mikati. “And that’s similar to the way I approach a collection – the overall efect has a sense of ease, but the details are important inside and out.”

The capsule collection will be available to pre-order exclusively on Colette.fr starting today.