Eugenie Viellard Jewels

Eugenie Viellard Jewels


Eugenie Viellard Jewels

Always looking for novelties, home Eugenie Viellard gives us an appointment for dinner in town!

Chic and feminine, the collection is inspired by many trips of his creative who for nearly 10 years, takes us into multiple universes.

Around a selection of precious jewelry, Eugenie, we offer a range rainbow sky electric blue, to turquoise Paraiba tourmalines, pink to ruby red color rubellites, colored sapphires, labradorite, cognac diamonds, opals fire, Muzo emerald, spinels, garnets, parts worked  in the tradition of fine jewelry in Paris.

Over the years, Eugenie Viellard, ensures an elegant and bold jewelry with bespoke creations signed and stamped. She loves married variants to create unique jewelry she draws origin in a history of multiple meetings with the arts worldwide.

The Eugenie jewelry are intended for entrepreneurial and refined personalities and benefit from its collaborations with the best French craftsmen. Thus, over the years, thematic creations of animal bestiary Baroque through the floral inspiration.

Creative jewelery Eugenie Viellard present the new version of its website with the novel of his house jewelery collections.