Anna K SS 2016

Anna K SS 2016


Anna K SS 2016

Anna K’s Spring – Summer 2016 collection fluidly follows the fairy­tale theme, set in Pre­Spring 2016.

While staying true to her quirky style with brightly colored neon A­dresses with floral prints, Anna showed more mature part of herself with long dresses with frills and full skirts and smooth silk evening gowns.

Believing, that every girl can be a princess, Anna richly embellished her dresses with pearls and chains.

Chains became the axis of her collection, coming in various colours they are used in the most unexpected ways, from shoulder straps and sleeves, to seam links.

The center piece of the collection, dress with full circle skirt in deep colours of stormy sky, has 450 silver chain links and gives the delicate but strong feel to its owner.

Creative details also include volume hearts that Anna used to decorate skirt and dresses and ribbon nets with embellishments, that are slipped on shell dresses and featherweight bodysuits.

Finally, Anna opens the curtain for her future project with print block of her collection, showing soft t­dresses and sweatshirts with cartoon princesses and angelic babies, cutely doing yoga. This gives a glimpse of what will be seen in Milan during Fashion Week.

– About Anna K

Anna stepped into the fashion world three years ago, when she was only 16 years. Starting from 2012, Anna K continues to create not just clothes – she creates her own World of Anna K, full of flowers, girly dresses, playful prints and quirky captions.

Today fashion comes from the catwalks to the streets in one blink and Anna K is totally on the same wavelength with the whole fashion world. Girls in trendy, wearable, funny&cool clothes by Anna K are the stars of street style and fashion parties.

Now, at 19, Anna makes four collections in a year and her map includes 40 trendy shops in 25 countries

Her future plans include bringing her collection to Milan and Paris Fashion Week, and expanding her product line to active wear and shoes.