Przhonskaya SS 2016

Przhonskaya SS 2016


Przhonskaya SS 2016

The main idea of the collection is superiority of pure perception, aspirations for harmony, the creation of certain color combinations and geometric shapes that evoke associations, clear in terms of shape, but emotionally blurred.

Abstract geometric shapes, chaotic spots and lines are expressed by the exclusive prints created by well-known Ukrainian graphic designer Daria Liuba.

Within itself the collection combines minimalist shapes, enclosed in a complex cut, with sport elements, soft folds and smooth lines that give a sense of comfort and freedom.

A hint of irony is expressed by the form of pockets and collars, and summer dress- coat and dress shirt are the key models of the collection.

Color plays an important role; deep rich fuchsia is a powerful emotional accent which symbolizes the inner core of the heroine of the collection.

High-waist culottes and striped shaggy coat are the must-have of the collection.

Fabrics: linen, cotton, viscose, silk, jacquard. All the fabrics have an unusual texture.

Colors: deep blue, black, white and fuchsia.