Shiatzy Chen SS 2016 at PFW

Shiatzy Chen SS 2016 at PFW


Shiatzy Chen SS 2016 at PFW

Shiatzy Chen features “Spearheading” as the theme for the 2016 Spring/Summer women’s fashion to start a new year and season. In The Journey to the West, one of the four wondrous books in Chinese literature, the protagonist, Sun Wukong led a team to the West obtaining scriptures, becoming the symbol of bravery, wits, and an embodiment of courage in the face of difficulties centuries ago.

In the 19th Century, Gustav Klimt, who is known for rich emotions and metallic elements in his works, established Vienna Secession, sending contemporary art into a new wave of Avant Garde.

A confluence of Eastern mythology and the origins of Western Vienna Secession; what endures across time and space is the quality of breaking through confinements and relentless progress.

The imagery of Sun Wukong roaming playfully in his HuaKuoShan is morphed into a childlike playful image on the clothing in Klimt’s grand colors.

The perfect confluence of the East and West results in the brand’s latest design, which presents a picturesque and retro contour and cutting. Shiatzy Chen brings the look of spring and summer by illustrating the landscape with multi-layered dressing styles and a combo of different materials, and sketching the figures of Sun WuKong frolicking with classic hand embroidery and modern childlike hand drawings.

Shiatzy Chen leads the 2016 Spring/Summer collection with “Spearheading”.