Respect for heritage, craftsmanship and nature are at the heart of new denim brand AI- ZOMĖ1 ENVIRODENIM®.

Launching in Paris on 29th September, 2015, AIZOMĖ1’s ready-to-wear collection marries European tailoring with premium Japanese denim. With a focus on womenswear the range features classic silhouettes such as trenches, pea-coats and tailored trousers. Each garment speaks to the traditions of denim with an elegantly unique twist. Classic styles are paired with traditional jeanswear details such as silver buttons, selvedge hems and distinctive stitching. Many AIZOMĖ1 garments feature unique patterns and textures – blurring the line between traditional denim and luxury fabric.

The collection has been brought to life by Alexandre Miel. Miel is an experienced designer who has worked in leading fashion houses including Lanvin, and as Senior Designer at Dior Hommes under Hedi Slimane. Miel was inspired by the challenge of transforming denim, a universal and familiar fabric, into something elegant and new. Already deeply interested in environmental issues and ethical sourcing, Miel was also excited about the opportunity to work with ENVIRODENIM®.

ENVIRODENIM® is a milestone in the world of textile, fabric and apparel production. This world-first proprietary process is sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly end-to- end. Ethically sourced. Natural materials. No harsh chemicals. Just a pure and patented process.

– High quality organic fair trade cotton
– Responsible water, energy and waste processes – Ecologically sound sundries

All AIZOMĖ1 garments are made in the heartland of artisanal denim, Okayama, Japan. Using traditional Japanese manufacturing processes, ENVIRODENIM® is woven on vin- tage looms and dyed using the ancient process of aizome.

Classic lines, sustainable design. AIZOMĖ1 is elegantly unique.