Sacai SS 2016 at PFW

Sacai SS 2016 at PFW


Sacai SS 2016 at PFW

A play on the notion of distortion.

Dis-assembled, re-mixed then re-assembled. Ideas inspired by the naive charm of thrift shop ‘throw-away’ finds, translated for a new modern context and re-configured with couture-like detailing and menswear elements.

Souvenir scarf prints melded with Victorian lace. Sacai’s signature ‘tape’ detailing re-imagined as a ribbon stripe, left unravelling.

American indigo bandana prints in naive dress silhouettes inspired by a men’s singlet, interwoven with the delicate couture-like femininity of lace.

Stripes inspired by a vintage Peruvian rug. Rivet embellishment that emulates the pearl beading on a vintage cardigan, applied to men’s Harrington jacket detailing. Napoleon military jackets applied with the finest gold guipure. The traditional luxury code of crocodile print set against the elemental utility of nylon.

The strap of a military boot juxtaposed with the elegance of classic lady-like pumps. Yellow gold, diamond and pearl earrings created by Sophie Bille Brahe for sacai, use centuries old goldsmith techniques for a modern form.

Slicing and splicing at the neckline, shoulder and waist – distorting and disrupting conventions to challenge all that’s expected.