Janashia SS 2016

Janashia SS 2016


Janashia SS 2016

Janashia is a successfully operating brand on the local, as well as world fashion markets. Considering the demand on the brand’s clothing, the creative group decided to launch an e- shop www.janashiastore.com and thus make purchasing of Janashia items available from any part of the world.

Currently, Janashia has finished working on Spring/Summer 2016 collection, which will be presented at the upcoming season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tbilisi.

Collection is inspired by the style of Tilda Swinton’s character ‘Eve’ in the latest Jim Jarmusch film ‘Only Lovers Left Alive,’ while lingerie from the 30’s serves as details and other decorative elements. Having a main stylistic orient on 30’s period, Janashia masterfully blends various geometric lines, shapes and patterns with the so-called ‘Tilda’ style and creates the perfect mixture of present reality minimalism infused with lots of interesting details.

For creating the right mood and atmosphere of the aforementioned inspiration, Janashia used fabrics like folded organza and high waist georgette trousers combined with silk and linen robes. Black and white cropped bra-shaped tops and feminine dresses with prints of cloudy skies slowly progress into more masculine silhouettes when silk culottes and overalls come into play.

As a result, new collection from Janashia becomes very ‘masculin-féminin’ and chic at the same time. The brand new ad campaign clearly demonstrates the hidden androgyny and subtle femininity ‘à la’ Tilda Swinton in the latest designs from Janashia.

Janashia not only depicts fashion, the brand defines and gives it cultural resonance and meaning. Janashia epitomizes the values of freedom and beauty, and then combines them and creates unforgettable style. The designs are full of soft, natural colors.

Shades and tones melt into subtle hazes. Shapes and patterns are always trendy, elegant and new. The end result is a breathtaking style.

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