Olympia Le-Tan SS 2016 at PFW

Olympia Le-Tan SS 2016 at PFW


Olympia Le-Tan SS 2016 at PFW

“Sentimental Journey”

Devastated by the recent demolition of the Hotel Okura, I decided this was the right time to do my Japanese collection. “Sentimental Journey” is an hommage to some of the many things I love about Japan.

With Araki’s permission, his polaroids have been transformed into a print by Pierre Le-Tan, and delicately hand-embroidered onto the bags. His signature bondage ropes are beaded onto satin dresses or tightly wrapped around the girls’ ankles.

A silk crepe dress entirely covered in Swarovski crystals is a luxury version of the Hotel Okura yukata and its beautiful elevator doors inspire a sequinned motif on a trompe l’oeil kimono.

Ozu’s trademark red kettle is splattered onto cotton poplin like a japanese flag and the flowy dresses often worn by the women in his films are reinterpreted in vivid colours and paper-like cottons.

This season, the OLT woman is sensually powerful but sensitive and nostalgic. She is wild and tough but there is a gentle sadness in her eyes.

Things change, that’s life, or as they beautifully say in Japanese, mono no aware.

Photographer credit: Shoji Fujii